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Friday, February 22, 2019
Mount Saturn
Kiss the Ring (2019)
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Genre: Psychedelic doom
Sounds Like: Black Math Horseman, Khemmis, Acid King
Distinctive vocals where the hollow echoes cry in distant cavernous spacescapes. Welcome Mount Saturn hailing from Bellingham, Washington and their debut album. Lead vocalist Violet Vasquez is a hidden treasure of emotion and despair supported by one hell of a crew. A brilliant approach of designing...
Thursday, February 21, 2019
Visitations (2018)
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Genre: Stoner rock
Sounds Like: Queens of the Stoneage, Truckfighters
If you’re like us, you are constantly on the hunt to discover untapped new heaviness. Sundrifter from Boston will fill this need as their latest album Visitations hits on all levels. Sundrifter display a unique brand of stoner and spaced-out rock that will stand out in your collection...
Sunday, February 17, 2019
Sahar (2019)
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Genre: Black Metal
Sounds Like: Behemoth, Carpathian Forest
Elaborate and well thought out are usually not words that come to the forefront of our minds with many death metal acts these days. Welcome Zloslut from Belgrade Serbia. Their latest album released by Morbid Chapel Records is chockfull of ominous movements ebbing through intricate speed metal fretwo...
Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Praise The Sun
E Scriptures from the Summit (2018)
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Genre: Heavy psych rock, Doom
Sounds Like: UFOMAMMUT, Devil's Witches
An ominous goat on top of a mountain in the winter is enough to lure us in. We had high hopes for Norway’s doomsters Praise the Sun as their latest EP falls a bit flat. To be fair, these three heavy songs could be amazing and trippy as all hell, but the production just brings us down. The firs...
Saturday, February 09, 2019
Diffuse Horizons
Synthetic Thoughts (2019)
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Genre: Progressive metal
Sounds Like: Ayreon, Gojira, Obscura
Costa Rica, such a diverse land of cloud forests, rain forests, shoreline, and volcanoes. Such is the way of Diffuse Horizons, the Costa Rica natives throw quite a bit at you in a relatively short timeframe. The band features an impressive line-up of varied vocals (male and female) along with a mix ...
Tuesday, February 05, 2019
The Black Heart Death Cult
The Black Heart Death Cult (2019)
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Genre: Psychedelic, Shoegaze
Sounds Like: The Janitors, The Warlocks, Rancho Relaxo
For those who love the psychedelic shoegaze rock scene, but yearn for something a bit different, welcome The Black Heart Death Cult. The sextet hailing from Melbourne, Australia have crafted a mesmerizing album loaded with trippy shoegaze-driven psychedelic rock. They have reinvigorated our love for...
Saturday, February 02, 2019
Vestiges I (2019)
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Genre: Black Metal
Sounds Like: Agalloch, Ghost Bath, Harakiri For The Sky
This 16 minute EP will keep your attention and test the inner strength of your woofers. The brooding black metal sound of North Carolina natives Inristare is fucking impressive. The band has been quite prolific putting out six or so EPs and singles since 2016. Their crisp dark sound really paints so...
Tuesday, January 29, 2019
Somewhere Between Black Clouds and Turmoil (2018)
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Genre: Progressive metal
Sounds Like: Tesseract, Symphony X
Immerse yourself in the nautical landscapes of Bourdeaux France’s Vacuity. Somewhere Between Black Clouds and Turmoil is the band’s debut album featuring a plethora of anthemic progressive metal. Jez and Dumartin are impressive with the clarity of their fretwork and diverse...
Sunday, January 27, 2019
Death Ritual (2019)
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Genre: Doom
Sounds Like: Church of Misery, Sleep, Conan
How could you not be intrigued by the pensive and ominous artwork of Aki Pitkanen? Behind the cover art lies some very rich and bellowing doom soundscapes. Death Ritual  by Yatra is the latest excursion from the Maryland based trio that dives deeply into comforting warm slow fuzz. The ...
Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Persian Blade (2018)
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Genre: Metal
Sounds Like: Witchcraft, Pentgram, Saviours
Ironbird hailing from the UK have taken the classic metal influences of bands like Pentagram and fused them with the stoner likes of Saviours and Witchcraft. What we have here is a mixed bag of metal that sort of gets lost among our collection. We like and appreciate the homage to classic stoner met...