Sunday, June 8, 2014
Round The Edges (1972)
Crank this to 7.5 of 11
Genre: Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like: Gentle Giant, Cream, Blue Cheer
Dubbed by many psych experts as one of the biggest 'hidden gems' in the psychedelic rock world, please welcome Dark from Northampton, UK. Round the Edges six song mystique lies in its very limited and private release of only sixty album copies in 1972. The original copies are generating som...
Wednesday, December 30, 2015
The Kingdom Field (2015)
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Genre: Goth, Ambient, Atmospheric rock
Sounds Like: Chelsea Wolf, Black Math Horseman, Mount Eerie
From West Yorkshire welcome singer-songwriter Jayn H. Wissenberg, who goes by the alias Darkher. Her debut EP The Kingdom Field cannot be easily be associated with just one genre, at times we hear melancholy ambient Goth or Atmospheric mood-setting rock. The music and her astounding vocals ...
Thursday, June 13, 2019
Darsena (2019)
Crank this to 8.4 of 11
Genre: Post rock, Stoner rock
Sounds Like: My Sleeping Karma, MOEWN, 5ive - metal band
Going into this one, we expected another ho-hum instrumental stoner rock album. Boy, were we wrong! Darsena, hailing from Comacchio, Italy consist of Nicola Fantini (Guitar) and Gian Luca Palmisano (Drums) who will bring an intriguing blend of Post and stoner rock to your collection. The album trave...
Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Daughters of Kilimanjaro
Even Quentin Got Disgusted (2017)
Crank this to 8.3 of 11
Genre: Psychedelic, Progressive rock
Sounds Like: Chevelle, The Pineapple Thief, Oceansize
There has been very little excitement over the last few months on the new band front with respect to the progressive rock genre. We were pleasantly surprised to have stumbled upon Croatia’s Daughters of Kilimanjaro and their debut EP release. The three tracks which run approximately 20 minutes...
Monday, November 4, 2013
Dawn of Midi
Dysnomia (2013)
Turn this to 3 of 11
Genre: Experimental Jazz, Trance
Sounds Like: Orbital, Aphex Twin
Fantastic album cover, no question. The problem we tend to have with experimental jazz, however, is repetition. Playing off that subtle change-up and down-tempo effect is quite blasé. Dawn of Midi is essentially a piano trio emphasizing the 'experimental' a bit more than the 'jazz'. They tend...
Friday, January 23, 2015
Night of the Hammer (2014)
Crank this to 7.9 of 11
Genre: Metal, Progressive rock
Sounds Like: Flotsam and Jetsam, Blue Oyster Cult, Dio
Chicago based Dawnbringer is a true grass roots self-made metal act that has flown way under the radar. Creator, vocalist, instrumentalist Chris Black began the vision back in the mid to late 90s and the band has never hit commercial fame and steered the holistic small label path. Chris Black has ac...
Thursday, February 20, 2020
Dead Lucid
Desolation (2020)
Crank this to 8.3 of 11
Genre: Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like: The Stooges, Arctic Monkeys
Chicago natives Dead Lucid deliver their second EP continuing to move their sound in a positive direction. The three piece band feature heavy laden psych rock based with elements of post punk that gleam very old school Joy Division-esque landscapes.The EP has a myriad of different angles that make f...
Monday, March 14, 2016
Dead Quiet
ST (2015)
Crank this to 8.8 of 11
Genre: Metal, Heavy rock
Sounds Like: Saviours, Doomriders, Corrosion of Conformity
From Vancouver, British Columbia welcome Dead Quiet and their debut Self-Titled release. Comprised of members from metal acts such as Barn Burner, Anciients and Bend Sinister, Dead Quiet has released an album that is rich in diversity. There are literally so many styles of metal being throw...
Sunday, December 6, 2015
Dead Sea Apes
Spectral Domain (2015)
Crank this to 8.8 of 11
Genre: Psychedelic drone, Progressive rock
Sounds Like: Om, 35007, The Janitors
The world of psyche drone rock has opened its doors and welcomed Dead Sea Apes and their album Spectral Domain. The three-piece from Manchester, UK have really taken their time and expanded on their sound, leaving us with five exploratory and mesmerizing instrumental entities. This album is...
Sunday, November 27, 2016
Dead White Males
Life Would Be a Mistake (2016)
Crank this to 7.9 of 11
Genre: Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like: Black Math Horseman, Cowboy Junkies
The band name certainly peaked our interest to at least give this one a first go around. Since that first listen, the album has been in our rotation for several weeks and we must say is still growing on us. The five member crew consists of four alive and well white men and one very talented lead fem...
Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Twilight Ritual (2008)
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Genre: Doom, Sludge
Sounds Like: Pallbearer, Electric Wizard, Crowbar
Creeping straight out of Arkansas comes Deadbird, bringing forth Twilight Ritual, a heavy, slow churning behemoth. They tend to take their time as the songs range from 6 to 9 minutes and once they find a rhythm, they beat it to death. Now it’s not all gloom and doom here, the...
Saturday, December 8, 2018
III The Forest Within The Tree (2018)
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|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Doom, Progressive metal
Sounds Like: Baroness, Alice in Chains, Intronaut
Wow, we can’t believe it has been ten years since Deadbird’s last album Twilight Ritual. Well in the footsteps of Tool the hiatus has boded quite well for the Arkansas natives. The band’s third album The Forest Within the Tree is a much darker and more though...
Tuesday, August 9, 2016
Death Alley
Black Magick Boogieland (2015)
Crank this to 8.2 of 11
Genre: Hard rock, Punk, Stoner rock
Sounds Like: The Atomic Bitchwax, Bad Wizard, Sasquatch
If you’re a fan of old school stoner rock, than you’ll appreciate the energy and groove of Death Alley’s second album Black Magick Boogieland. Back in the mid-nineties when stoner rock was making the scene, we flocked towards bands like Kyuss, Monster Magnet and Fu Manchu, yet were...
Monday, October 20, 2014
Death Breath
Let It Stink (2007)
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Genre: Horror-core, Death Metal
Sounds Like: Motorhead, Repugnant, Nihilist
Take a perusal at the song titles below to give you a little flavor for whats in store if you are looking to add some Death Breath to your collection. Let it Stink (perhaps a play-off of the classic Beatles album Let it Be) is pure unadulterated filth. The album blends horror-core,...
Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Death Hawks
Sun Future Moon (2015)
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|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like: The Doors, The Soundcarriers, Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound
Death Hawks, the name alone leaves one thinking just what am I getting into. It has the potential to just about anything, is it brutal death metal or bluesy stoner rock?  From the album cover we were leaning towards stoner rock with a twist of classic southern hard rock flavor. Well to our deli...
Monday, June 13, 2016
Death Index
ST (2016)
Turn this to 5.9 of 11
Genre: Punk, Post-goth
Sounds Like: Heat Dust, So-pitted
Two man bands are no longer a novelty. They have become quite commonplace in today's alternative and garage rock scene. It's all about gaining efficiencies and a deceptively big sound. Death Index's self-titled debut takes a new twist on two man band popularity by infusing punk and goth with surpris...
Monday, January 5, 2015
Death of Lovers
Buried Under A World of Roses (2013)
Crank this to 8.8 of 11
Genre: New Wave, Goth
Sounds Like: Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, Alien Sex Fiend
Death of Lovers, may be a side-project or perhaps something that will blossom into a full-time gig... yet to be determined. Members of shoegaze bands Whirr and Nothing (they have a cool split CD by the way) joined forces while experiencing some quality chemistry on tour. What they created was an EP ...
Monday, April 2, 2018
With The Beyond (2018)
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|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Doom
Sounds Like: Windhand, Acid King, Pallbearer
Sit back, grab your favorite adult beverage and soak in the cosmic doom of Deathbell. The foursome from Toulouse, France hit all the right notes on their debut release With The Beyond, it’s majestic heaviness at its finest. Lead singer Lauren Gaynor is a refreshing vocalist in the doom genre. ...
Sunday, February 2, 2020
Grave Image (2020)
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|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Progressive metal
Sounds Like: Opeth, Katatonia, Paradise Lot
Let the music speak for itself and lets not make our identities available is the schtick that Deathwhite have maintained since 2012. Frankly we don’t give a fuck ourselves so the feeling is mutual. We care about the music, so lets quickly get past their anonymity. Grave Image is ...
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Sounds of Science (2016)
Crank this to 8.6 of 11
Genre: Post rock, Progressive
Sounds Like: Battles, Masarati, Lite
We are discovering that Hungary is becoming quite the hotspot for instrumental rock. Deley from Budapest is the latest Post-rock band to make its way into our rotation. The foursome has injected a stimulating modern angle to the traditional post rock sound. Sounds of Silence embraces the fo...
Sunday, December 9, 2018
Temaukel The Spirit Before Time (2018)
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|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Stoner rock
Sounds Like: Truckfighters, Los Natas, Arenna
The Chilean trio bring the fanatical fuzz in prime formula on their fifth release entitled Temaukel, the Spirit Before Time. A pseudo follow-up concept album to their previous release Tierra Del Feugo. The bi-lingual release features some very rich production and wildly meandering ...
Thursday, June 11, 2020
Demonic Death Judge
The Trail (2020)
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|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Sludge, Stoner rock
Sounds Like: Weedeater, Cavity
Upon first glance of the new album cover for Finland’s sludge foursome, we thought maybe they have gone towards a post-metal or post-rock sound. The landscape photo is a welcome change rather than the traditional stoner themed illustration. Picking up from their last album Seaweed, Demonic Dea...
Sunday, March 24, 2019
Deth Crux
Mutant Flesh (2018)
Crank this to 7.8 of 11
Genre: Post punk, Goth
Sounds Like: Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, The Cramps
Deth Crux hailing from Los Angeles have brought a heaviness to the punk/goth scene that we have not heard much of in recent years. Mutant Flesh, the band’s debut full length takes influences from bands like Bauhaus or Sisters of Mercy and injects a dosage of darkness that forms an unu...
Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Devils Hunt Me Down
In Medias Res 1 (2017)
Crank this to 8.6 of 11
Genre: Blues, Hard rock
Sounds Like: Soulsavers, Spindrift, Tom Waits
Seattle Washington natives Devils Hunt Me Down have released their third visionary and vibrant piece of work. What will hit you first is the distinct guttural bellowing vocals of Matthew Bentley within the first few seconds of "The Formula". What follows is an emotional blues gritty trip with divers...
Monday, April 10, 2017
Devil's Witches
Velvet Magic (2017)
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|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Doom, Heavy psych rock
Sounds Like: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Salems Pot, Trouble
When it comes to doom styled rock many band’s sound eerily similar to one another, as most pay homage to the almighty Sabbath and Sleep riff. To be honest, as much as we love doom, there are times when the genre feels lost or stuck in a path. Then out of nowhere we come across a band that reig...
Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Catastrophone (2019)
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|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Math Rock, Krautrock
Sounds Like: Animals As Leaders, Cleft, Primus
We are always on the hunt for instrumental albums that have something new and fresh to offer. The duo from France, Diaclase, bring something very fresh and innovative to the table. Their debut album Catastrophone features a whirlwind of instrumental sound and wild rhythms. The six tracks re...
Saturday, February 9, 2019
Diffuse Horizons
Synthetic Thoughts (2019)
Crank this to 8.3 of 11
Genre: Progressive metal
Sounds Like: Gojira, Ayreon, Obscura
Costa Rica, such a diverse land of cloud forests, rain forests, shoreline, and volcanoes. Such is the way of Diffuse Horizons, the Costa Rica natives throw quite a bit at you in a relatively short timeframe. The band features an impressive line-up of varied vocals (male and female) along with a mix ...
Thursday, June 15, 2017
Dirty Sound Magnet
Western Lies (2017)
Crank this to 8.8 of 11
Genre: Creative rock
Sounds Like: These Arms Are Snakes, Tweak Bird, Black Lips
There are not enough diverse rock bands out today that break the mold and not cater to one particular genre. Dirty Sound Magnet, a trio from Switzerland has introduced us to the “Creative rock” genre, meaning that with every new song, anything is possible. After having Western Lies in ou...
Friday, November 29, 2013
Era (2013)
Crank this to 7.5 of 11
Genre: Krautrock, Progressive
Sounds Like: Can, Joy Division, Spacemen 3
Formed in 2008 out of Chicago, Disappears have released four albums. Their style is punk-laced krautrock in vein of bands like Joy Division and Can. The first two albums, Lux and Guider, tend to lean toward a raw punkish vibe, with very balanced rhythms. On Pre Language, t...
Thursday, October 17, 2013
Application for an Afterlife (2004)
Crank this to 7.5 of 11
Genre: Alternative rock, Hardcore
Sounds Like: Chevelle, Helmet, Quicksand
Formed in Cleveland, Ohio; Disengage plays a mixture of heavy music that combines the styles of rock and hardcore with a little punk attitude thrown in. It’s a shame they flew under the radar because there is a world of talent on this album. Lead singer Jason Byers’ vocals remind us of Q...
Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Paleopneumatic (2016)
Turn this to 2.3 of 11
Genre: Progressive metal
Sounds Like: Dragonforce, Apocalyptica, The Shadow Theory
Let's throw everything and the kitchen sink at them. Haphazard synthesizer followed by stern but goofy vocals tied together with sloppy speed guitar all wrapped in a bow of shit. This whole album is so contrived and artificially soldered together. It's as if Gary Moore, Evanescence Depeche Mode and ...
Thursday, July 21, 2016
Divine Circle
Oblivion Songs (2014)
Crank this to 8.6 of 11
Genre: Folk, Psychedelic, Experimental
Sounds Like: Sharon Van Etten, Chelsea Wolf
North Carolina music composer Meg Mulhearn has been circling around the underground music scene for quite some time. She has been a member of bands such as U.S. Christmas, Lunar Creature, Judas Horse and Meghanz. As a solo artist, she has released a project under the name Divine Circles. Her work ha...
Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Divine Realm
Tectum Argenti (2016)
Crank this to 8.3 of 11
Genre: Progressive metal
Sounds Like: Steve Vai, Animals As Leaders, Tony MacAlpine
Fans of progressive instrumental metal welcome Divine Realm and their latest album Tectum Argenti. Hailing from Canada, Devine Realm was founded by lead guitarist Leo Diensthuber in 2010. The debut EP by Divine Realm titled Mor[t]ality was a solo effort of Leo and showcased his technical pr...
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Dodson and Fogg
After The Fall (2014)
Turn this to 5 of 11
Genre: Psychedelic folk
Sounds Like: Wilco, Beck, Donovan
Having released 5 albums since 2012, you have to question the quality and depth in being perhaps too prolific. Dodson and Fogg hailing from England is named after a reckless law firm in the Charles Dickens novel 'The Pickwick Papers'. Mastermind Chris Wade who in-fact writes all the songs and plays ...
Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Don Barbas
Dulcis (2018)
Crank this to 8.6 of 11
Genre: Stoner rock
Sounds Like: Kyuss, Truckfighters, Six Sigma
The Ecuadorian trio has desert sand seeping from its pores. Impressive stoner rock not swaying too far astray from the Kyuss and Truckfighters’ formula. Tracks like "Caravana Espiritual Pts I and II" play clear homage to the acoustics side of Brant Bjork ultimately morphing into some folkie fr...
Monday, July 29, 2019
Nannadu (2019)
Crank this to 8.3 of 11
Genre: Grunge, Progressive
Sounds Like: Stick, Gruntruck
How could we not review this clever and intriguing album cover? Brilliant for its artistic nostalgia and simplicity. Overall the fretwork on Dopegoat’s second EP is the backbone to the Atlanta Georgia trio’s sound. The production is crisp as Bielski’s precision shines bright. Walke...
Monday, February 12, 2018
Melencholia (2018)
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|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Post metal, Sludge
Sounds Like: Elder, ISIS, Drude
Doppalgangar is peaceful heavy that will challenge your subwoofers to embrace some of the deepest bass chords we have heard in a long time. The Swedish trio go out of their way to really hone in on those simple melancholy low points. And when we talk about bringing it down this brings it down to a w...
Friday, March 13, 2015
Dot Legacy
ST (2014)
Crank this to 9.7 of 11
|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Alternative rock, Metal, Stoner rock
Sounds Like: At The Drive In, And You Will Know Us By the Trail of the Dead
Fresh, dynamic, invigorating, innovative and dare we say 'groundbreaking' are all words that Dot Legacy conjure up after several listens. This is the type of album that will have you salivating as the more you listen the more you will understand the complexity and the more it will become a mainstay ...
Monday, December 5, 2016
Dot Legacy
To The Others (2016)
Crank this to 9.5 of 11
|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Alternative rock, Metal, Stoner rock
Sounds Like: At The Drive In, These Arms Are Snakes, 311
In 2014 when Dot Legacy released their debut Self-Titled album and it immediately struck a chord with us. We described their work as having a fresh, dynamic and invigorating sound. Now two years later the band has...
Thursday, October 23, 2014
Double Eyelid
Seven Years (2014)
Crank this to 8 of 11
Genre: Dark Wave, Goth, Alternative
Sounds Like: Moby, Bauhaus, Joy Division
The underground Goth and Dark-wave scene has been churning up some unique artists lately as we have discovered another captivating band Double Eyelid from Toronto, Canada. Their 2014 debut release, Seven Years can be best described as dark, theatrical and moody. Lead vocalist, Ian Revell is...
Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Double Horse
The Great Old Ones (2019)
Crank this to 8.4 of 11
Genre: Doom
Sounds Like: , Electric Wizard
Hailing from Spain, the doom trio known as Double Horse breaks on to the scene with their debut full length The Great Old Ones. This album will take you on a drug-induced journey through occult doom worship. Upon first listen, Double Horse possess a classic Electric Wizard drug vibe. Drumme...
Monday, October 14, 2013
Feel Me Bleed (1996)
Crank this to 7 of 11
Genre: Hardcore
Sounds Like: , Life of Agony
Straight out of Victory Records came the Doughnuts with their own style of angst, desperate hardcore. Lets start off by saying that the album cover drew us in and despite the name of the band, these four woman knew how to create a blend hardcore that is all their own. Asa (lead singer) has such desp...
Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Mount Karma (2013)
Turn this to 4 of 11
Genre: Rock
Sounds Like: The Wallflowers, Del Amitri
Dovetail is a six piece band hailing from Texas. Our editors picked this one for review as there was some modest buzz from their track "Julie"  which won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest award for best rock song. Good song writing indeed, accompanied by whining harmonies and subtle twangy gu...
Saturday, June 1, 2019
Down I Go
This Is Disastercore (2019)
Crank this to 9.8 of 11
|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Math Rock, Hardcore
Sounds Like: Shellac, Fantomas, Pissed Jeans
Shame on us for not giving Down I Go enough rotations over the years. Well this 2019 re-release of a 2006 gem was a true blessing. The trio hailing from the UK or is it Chicago/ Toronto/ Stockholm… not sure as the band’s information is unusually inconsistent across mediums. What we do k...
Saturday, October 12, 2013
Under The Grey Banner (2011)
Turn this to 6.5 of 11
Genre: Power metal
Sounds Like: Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Helloween
Powerful symphonic opening painting pictures of medieval battle preparation leading into a female narrative that sets the tone for a metal progressive onslaught... an onslaught of hair metal masked with excessive progressive synthesizer and comical lands of ogres and tickle... uh we mean sword fight...
Thursday, January 16, 2020
Hyperreality (2019)
Crank this to 9.3 of 11
|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Stoner rock, Heavy psych rock
Sounds Like: Kylesa, Torche
DROID from Melbourne Australia takes us on a sonic journey through heavy psych rock with Hypereality. With a plethora of bands like Irata, Torche and Baroness commanding the scene, it’s always thrilling to hear up and coming bands take on this genre and feed life into the scene. Their...
Thursday, April 21, 2016
Droids Attack
Sci-Fi Or Die (2016)
Crank this to 9.2 of 11
|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Stoner rock, Sludge
Sounds Like: Crowbar, Clutch, Baroness
Look up top at the 'sounds like' section. We know, bold and perhaps unlikely? Fact of the matter is Droids Attack are back after a six year hiatus and their newest album delivers elements of some very legendary acts. Sci-Fi or Die is a stellar dose of aggressive sludge and precision grooves...
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Drop Anchor
Ciera (2017)
Crank this to 7.2 of 11
Genre: Hard rock, Grunge
Sounds Like: Stick, Disturbed
Drop Anchor attacks the 90s grunge era with a modern tilt on their 2017 EP release entitled Ciera. The four-piece band hailing from Philadelphia blend post-hardcore and classic grunge while still keeping that nostalgic warmth that many Generation X folks may be longing for. The EP contains ...
Monday, September 11, 2017
ST (2017)
Crank this to 10.1 of 11
|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Sludge, Progressive metal
Sounds Like: Cult of Luna, ISIS, The Ocean
The three piece band from Indianapolis, Indiana have delivered a downright inspiring self-titled debut that is certainly in the running for one of our top albums of 2017. So inspiring that it has prompted a new review format that we are excited to unveil. Peeling back the onion to expose this very i...
Sunday, December 17, 2017
Misanthropic Ritual (2017)
Turn this to 4.8 of 11
Genre: Doom
Sounds Like: Bongzilla, Weedeater, Type-O-Negative
Dumblegore, what the hell is a Dumblegore? After thorough research we found out it’s the name of a character from World of Warcraft, a Destructive Warlock to be exact. Now, we have no way of knowing if they named the band after this character, but after listening, we’ll assume it is. The...
Sunday, December 29, 2013
Dumbo Gets Mad
Elephants At The Door (2011)
Turn this to 6.5 of 11
Genre: Psychedelic rock, Experimental
Sounds Like: The Flaming Lips, Of Montreal, Animal Collective
Duo turned foursome, Dumbo Gets Mad is a bit of an enigma. The band seems to be some sort of obscure side project  of a side project. There is not much written about DGM and they seem to pop up randomly at European festivals. DGM's debut album is a diverse acid trip that ebbs and flows between ...
Thursday, February 25, 2016
ST (2017)
Crank this to 7 of 11
Genre: Blues, Stoner rock
Sounds Like: Witchcraft, Graveyard, Horisont
It is bizarre how similar these Scandinavian bands who revel in the 70s blues rock era are emulating each other these days. We can’t quite figure out the originator, (perhaps Parson Sound?) but it is very strange how the vocals in many of these bands have the same exact style and tone. So much...
Saturday, June 8, 2019
Dune Sea
Dune Sea (2019)
Crank this to 9 of 11
|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Space rock, Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like: Vibravoid, Les Big Byrd, Farflung
Hailing from Norway, Dune Sea’s debut album hits on all levels as they toe the line between space rock and psychedelics. With the comforting flow of early Queens of the the Stoneage and the heavy space rock of Farflung, Dune Sea have have easily become a mainstay in our rotation. The album is ...
Saturday, June 21, 2014
Pagan Fruit (2014)
Crank this to 8 of 11
Genre: Stoner rock
Sounds Like: Wolf People, Mad Season
Dwellers are a three-piece band from Salt Lake City, Utah that has evolved from the massive psych, blues, stoner rock ashes of Iota. We had wondered what had happened to Iota, who were a fantastically dark acid trip, so we got to seeking them out. We were pleased to find that guitarist/singer/songwr...