Saturday, November 10, 2012
Raised Fist
Veil of Ignorance (2009)
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Genre: Hardcore, Punk
Sounds Like: At The Drive In, Rage Against The Machine
We were sketchy delving into this one. Our writers are not usually big fans of "make a point" or political type bands and the name alone was cause for alarm. Little did we know these guys have been around since 1993 hailing from Sweden. Boy was this a pleasant surprise. This album kicks ass and wi...
Sunday, August 02, 2015
Ramington Flashride
Back To Seattle (2015)
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Genre: Hard rock, Grunge
Sounds Like: Tad, Nirvana, Everclear
Grunge is not dead. Certainly not if Ramington Flashride has anything to do with it. Hailing from Dusseldorf, Germany, the three piece band made their voyage to Seattle, WA during 2014 and engaged the expertise of mix/mastering specialists in Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney) and Chris Ha...
Monday, July 13, 2015
Rancho Relaxo
Happy Friday Experiment (2011)
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Genre: Shoegaze, Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like: Sunsplit, Spacemen 3, The Black Angels
Distant vocals compliment the hazy amorphous trip inducing sound that is Rancho Relaxo. The band formed back in 2003 in Norway, a country that has been a prolific leader to the imaginative psychedelic heavier space rock world. Rancho Relaxo developed their sound since their origin moving away from t...
Sunday, June 26, 2016
Red Lama
Dreams Are Free (2016)
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Genre: Neo-Psychadelic rock, Space rock
Sounds Like: Lumerians, O Brother, Weird Owl
Red Lama deliver a distinct brand of spacious psychedelic rock that is challenging to put in words. Their music infuses multiple styles of rock while staying a bit mysterious and original at the same time. The seven-piece band hailing from Denmark has released a wonderful debut with Dreams Are Free....
Monday, October 30, 2017
Red Mountains
Slow Wander (2017)
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Genre: Psychedelic stoner rock
Sounds Like: Weird Owl, Abrahma, Red Lama
Norway’s Red Mountains latest release Slow Wander has nestled comfortably within our rotation. Talk about an album that spans so many genres in the most subtle ways. Slow Wander is by nature a sprawling psychedelic album that spreads its wings to many facets rock. Singer Magn...
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Red Scalp
Lost Ghosts (2017)
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Genre: Stoner rock, Psychedelic
Sounds Like: MMoss, Ancient Sky, Holy Mount
This album is so fucking rich with majestic melodies and impeccable chemistry. Red Scalp have absolutely floored us with their third release entitled ‘Lost Ghosts’. The five visionaries hailing from Poland take us on what feels like a concept album as the five tracks meander through surr...
Saturday, December 14, 2019
Red Scalp
The Great Chase In The Sky (2019)
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Genre: Psychedelic rock, Stoner rock
Sounds Like: Bask, Ancient Sky, Holy Mount
Red Scalp have bottled a tremendously unique Polish recipe. The band transforms the listener into an almost outer body experience catapulting you into a vast landscape where “space Indians” thrive. You feel a part of this insanely vivid journey. The Great Chase In The Sky v...
Thursday, August 23, 2018
Red Sun Atacama
Licancabur (2018)
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Genre: Stoner rock
Sounds Like: Dozer, 1000mods, Funeral Horse
Adrenaline-fueled fuzz is what Red Sun Atacama are all about. If you like the movement of Fu Manchu, the thrust of 1000Mods and the rawness of Texas-based Funeral Horse, than Licancabur is right in your wheelhouse. Formed in Paris, France in 2015, Red Sun Atacama are a tight sounding band w...
Monday, September 17, 2018
Red Tape (2018)
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Genre: Hardcore, Punk
Sounds Like: Dougnuts, Nasty Taste
This is a hardcore vocal frenzy. A flurry of sonic pipes raining down on the listener. Rebecca and Madeline are one heck of a duo and their metal harmonies and hardcore punk mastery is profound on this concise EP. Red Tape is brief but if grabs a hold of your distorted world and does not let go. The...
Friday, January 03, 2020
leben lassen (2019)
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Genre: Post-Hardcore, Screamo
Sounds Like: Glassjaw, Ink and Dagger, La Dispute
Hamburg, Germany’s rha. has released their best album to date in leben.lassen. Patience and build-up defines rha. Their blend of gut-wrenching screamo and new age landscapes makes for some of the most dynamic contrast of the year. This album takes you into a deep calm and then thrusts...
Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Something Other Than the Earth (2016)
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Genre: Doom, Metal
Sounds Like: Black Tusk, Crowbar, Pallbearer
Hailing from good old Nashville Tennessee, this foursome is the furthest thing from country. The band infuses some very impressive doom metal with a unique blend of ranging vocals. In fact, the opener "Perception of the Blind" starts off with what sounds like Barry Manilow (in a very good way mind y...
Saturday, September 14, 2019
Riot City
Burn The Night (2019)
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Genre: Heavy metal
Sounds Like: Helstar, Judas Priest, White Wizzard
Break out your denim jackets, start growing back your mullets and prepare for a headbangers delight. Burn The Night from Calgary natives Riot City will awaken your heavy metal soul. What a killer debut from the new power hungry heavy metal foursome. So what lured us to this album, well for ...
Friday, October 11, 2013
Feathergun (2009)
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Genre: Alternative rock, Progressive
Sounds Like: , Original
Take Maynard James Keenan (Tool) and  Pete Loefler (Chevelle), blend them together and sprinkle in that Kurt from Glee and you have the vocal’s of Rishloo’s lead singer Andrew Malloux. Unfairly compared to Tool, their song structure more resembles that of Dream Theater’s slow ...
Monday, October 15, 2018
Rivers of Gore
Rivers of Gore (2018)
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Genre: Doom, Psychedelic
Sounds Like: Sleep, Neurosis, Wo Fat
The self-titled debut album from Rivers of Gore celebrates experimental fuzz and jam-doom to its fullest. Former members of Vinnum Sabbathi, Bloodwitch, and Powertrip join forces from the Mexico City underground heavy music scene to bring you a pensive journey through very dark tunnels. While the pr...
Wednesday, October 03, 2018
Rotation11 Charity
Compilation for a Cause 2018 (2018)
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Genre: Stoner rock, Doom, Metal
Sounds Like: Mad Season, Black Sabbath, Orange Goblin is proud to present our second charity compilation entitled 'Compilation For a Cause-2018'. We are excited to be teaming up with a wonderful non-profit organization dedicated to improving the communication abilities of children on the autism spectrum by providing m...
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Rumori Di Scena
LentaMente (2017)
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Genre: Post rock, Math Rock
Sounds Like: Pelican, Godspeed You! Black Emperor
We love the Post-rock genre. Our only stickler with this highly technical style of music is as you survey the landscape of bands out there, many feed off the same majestic melodies and tend not to branch out. As a result, we were very excited to have come across Rumori Di Scena, a foursome hailing f...
Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Rumour Cubes
Appearances of Collections (2014)
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Genre: Post rock
Sounds Like: Explosions in the Sky, Seven Mile Journey, Dawn Chorus Ignites
The six piece London-based instrumental act delivers an album rich with expansive melodies and a refreshing take on the post rock world. Hannah Morgan and Terry Murphy lead the way via utterly captivating viola and violin interplay. The strings are further complimented through heartfelt piano and a ...