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Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Lip Lock (2019)
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Genre: Hard rock
Sounds Like: Buckcherry, The Black Keys
Gritty provocative hooks define Lip Lick the sophomore release from WeArtists. The Warsaw Poland natives ooze catchy (can’t get it out of your head) melodies with a carefree edge. This one swings a bit to the softer side of heavy and is a somewhat out of our comfort zone, but aes...
Wednesday, May 15, 2019
High Priest
Sanctum (2019)
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|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Stoner rock, Heavy psych rock
Sounds Like: Wolftooth, Khemmis, Greenleaf
Chicago, home to the famous deep dish pizza and Revolution Craft Brews now brings us High Priest. The foursome stoner metal band have quietly released a very impressive EP with Sanctum. Following the release of their 2016 debut album Consecration, High Priest have matured upon thei...
Monday, May 13, 2019
Deformation Of Humanity (2019)
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Genre: Progressive metal, Death Metal, Avante Gard
Sounds Like: Opeth, Agalloch, Savatage
A cacophony of sound and dark wonder. The symphonic death metal avant-garde veterans return with their expansive latest release entitled Deformation of Humanity. Phlebotomized hails as one of the oldest Death Metal bands from the Netherlands and perhaps pioneers of synth and violin integrat...
Friday, May 10, 2019
Jerky Dirt
Kaleidotropic (2019)
Turn this to 6.8 of 11
Genre: Grunge, Stoner rock
Sounds Like: Gruntruck, Stick
The originality in the name and trippy album cover art had us eager to crank this one and put through our heavy rotation. The opener and title track "Kaleidotripic" had us practically on cloud nine with its beyond impressive fretwork and detailed grungy grooves. Welcome, Jerky Dirt hailing from Nott...
Monday, May 06, 2019
Never Decide (2019)
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|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Heavy psych rock
Sounds Like: Salems Pot, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Ruff Majik
Hailing from Greece, Bus the Unknown Secretary (BUS for short) have released one of this years most intriguing heavy albums with Never Decide. The four-piece throw a bus load of metal influences into this album; you’ll hear classic metal rhythms and stoner rock swagger to doom and blu...
Thursday, May 02, 2019
Black Sites
Exile (2019)
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Genre: Progressive rock
Sounds Like: Evergrey, Moon Tooth, Trivium
Fast thrusting, guitar driven progressive rock is what Chicago natives bring forth on Exile. Black Sites conjure up a blend of 80s metal fused with progressive and Alt rock. Singer and guitarist Mark Sugar has an upfront and demanding vocal approach, a bit rough and raw sounding, every once in a whi...
Monday, April 29, 2019
Warrior Path
Warrior Path (2019)
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Genre: Power metal
Sounds Like: Iron Maiden, Rainbow, Helloween
Melodic and anthemic to the core, born of Grecian soil and blood we unveil to you Warrior Path. The backbone creation of one Andreas Sinanoglu (guitarist and composer) who is buttressed by the valor of Yannis Papadopoulos (Beast In Black) on vocals and Bob Katsionis (Firewind) on guitars/keyboards a...
Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Wolf (2019)
Crank this to 7.9 of 11
Genre: Hard rock
Sounds Like: Afghan Whigs, A Perfect Circle, And You Will Know Us by the Trails of Dead
The trio hailing from London UK welcome in their sophomore album entitled Wolf. The album features some impressive song structure. We appreciate the unique style and the dark quirky tilts that make Wolf better over time. While Nova’s may not have the strongest voice you ...
Thursday, April 18, 2019
Moon Tooth
Crux (2019)
Crank this to 8.9 of 11
Genre: Progressive rock
Sounds Like: La Dispute, Wildlights, ASG
Hailing from stickball heaven, where garlic knots, Window Pane, bagels and bowling reign supreme. We welcome Long Island natives Moon Tooth. The foursome's 2nd full-length Crux shows some impressive advancement and clearly plots them on the map. Their massively tight riffage and p...
Wednesday, April 17, 2019
III (2019)
Crank this to 7.4 of 11
Genre: Doom, Drone
Sounds Like: Earth, Clouds Taste Satanic
Goatfox from Germany play some of the most cathartic instrumental doom that is relaxing to the core. There is not much information to be found about Goatfox; are they a one-man project, threesome, we have no idea. Regardless, this EP contains three slow driven tunes of soft, drifting instrumental do...