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Monday, February 10, 2020
Tombstone Eyes
Land in the Sky (2020)
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Genre: Stoner rock, Psychedelic
Sounds Like: Sons of Otis, Ecstatic Vision, Deep Purple
The debut from Chicago heavy psych foursome takes stoner rock on some new trippy pathways. Land in the Sky is a bluesy and spacey affair that melds stoner with heavy space rock. With muffeled vocals floating effortlessly among the heavy psychedelia and the hallucinatory use of the organ, To...
Saturday, February 08, 2020
Hidden Sun (2019)
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Genre: Heavy rock, Psychedelic
Sounds Like: Graveyard, Leaf Hound, Kadavar
Blues soaked retro fueled fuzz is what Paralyzed throw down on their debut release Hidden Sun. The German-based foursome do a nice job of balancing modern psych rock with 70s inspired psychedelic rock. The production has a raw live studio quality with little or no polishing needed, the musi...
Sunday, February 02, 2020
Grave Image (2020)
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Genre: Progressive metal
Sounds Like: Katatonia, Opeth, Paradise Lot
Let the music speak for itself and lets not make our identities available is the schtick that Deathwhite have maintained since 2012. Frankly we don’t give a fuck ourselves so the feeling is mutual. We care about the music, so lets quickly get past their anonymity. Grave Image is ...
Monday, January 27, 2020
Gospel of the Goat (2020)
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Genre: Acoustic black metal
Sounds Like: Nocturnal Poisoning, Lord Belial
Black metal is such a distinct genre with some of the most loyal fans in metal. It's a thrill when we come across artists who look to expand beyond their genre. Nobody, a one man Finnish black metal artist has released a very calming, yet dark acoustic EP entitled In the Gospel of the Goat....
Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Bestial Invasion
Monomania (2019)
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Genre: Thrash, Heavy metal, Power metal
Sounds Like: Athiest, King Diamond, Helloween
Beastial Invasion from the Ukraine may be on the cusp of breaking into new territories for heavy metal. Monomania, the bands latest release is a frenzy of metal that will test your patience. Beastial Invasion do not rest on one particular metal genre, the album bounces from thrash to power ...
Thursday, January 16, 2020
Hyperreality (2019)
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Genre: Stoner rock, Heavy psych rock
Sounds Like: Torche, Kylesa
DROID from Melbourne Australia takes us on a sonic journey through heavy psych rock with Hypereality. With a plethora of bands like Irata, Torche and Baroness commanding the scene, it’s always thrilling to hear up and coming bands take on this genre and feed life into the scene. Their...
Monday, January 13, 2020
Fetid Zombie
Death Covenant (2019)
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Genre: Death Metal
Sounds Like: Death, Kreator, Necrodeath
Virginia-based death metal illustrator Mark Riddick is no stranger to the underground metal scene. Since 1991, he has created thousands of pieces of horrific art for bands like Amon Armrath, Internal Bleeding, Horrendous and Warbringer to name a few. His passion for all things metal have lead to an ...
Wednesday, January 08, 2020
Union (2019)
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Genre: Progressive metal, Progressive rock
Sounds Like: Voyager, Dream Theatre, Devin Townsend Project
Ihlo from London have released a very impressive debut album of new age progressive metal. Union is packed with traditional progressive metal influences, yet they throw in various styles from prog to pop rock and some electronics. Upon first rotation we were not sure what to make of this al...
Sunday, January 05, 2020
Own Paw Thee Die
Cock Tales Vol. 2 - Poossy Of Darkness (2019)
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Genre: Hard rock
Sounds Like: Red Fang, Interpol, Spiritual Beggars
Own Paw Thee Die feature some groovy southern stoner rock undercurrents coupled with an overlay of energetic punk hardcore from the landscapes of Ferrara Italy. The foursome have a penchant for slapstick groove and their sophomore latest EP Cock Tales Vol. 2: Poossy Of Darkness is an entert...
Friday, January 03, 2020
leben lassen (2019)
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Genre: Post-Hardcore, Screamo
Sounds Like: Ink and Dagger, Glassjaw, La Dispute
Hamburg, Germany’s rha. has released their best album to date in leben.lassen. Patience and build-up defines rha. Their blend of gut-wrenching screamo and new age landscapes makes for some of the most dynamic contrast of the year. This album takes you into a deep calm and then thrusts...