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Bringer of False Light
Tentacle Wizard
Full Review and Video Clip
Rotation Radar
by Blue Cheese
Stoner rock, Hard rock
Sound Preview Lab
Sound Preview Lab
On The Road

Official lyric video for Inertia, the new single from "La Litanie des Cendres" by Angellore.
Shunu Records
A young rock label driven by the search for quality and innovation in music. Focus on bringing the fans music and merch they love.


Green Yeti and their lastet album Desert Show (2017)
Cursed Tounge Records
Cursed Tongue Records is a two man run basement style label bringing tangible testament to the underground of everything heavy, it's all about the vinyl.

Cursed Tongue Records

Book of Wyrms - Leatherwing Bat From album "Sci-fi-Fantasy "
Twin Earth Records

Mission Statement:
“Turn on, Tune down, Drop out.


KALEIDOBOLT's latest video for Steal My Thunder. Taken from the new album, 'The Zenith Cracks,' which is set for an early July release.
Pink Tank Records
Pink Tank Records is The Heavy Music Love Machine. We're specialized in "Stoner", "Doom", "Psychedelic", "Progressive" and groovy vibes. Our passion is to deliver the heavy stuff on high quality vinyl. Our Label Headquarters is based in Hamburg, Germany. Our releases are worldwide distributed by Rough Trade.

Pink Tank Records

The third installment of series of split albums. Chapter 3 features Bonehawk and Kingnomad.
Ripple Music
Ripple Music is home to some of the worlds most heaviest and psychedelic rocks bands. Their continued effort to support these underground acts have made them a heavy hitter in the stoner rock/doom worlds.

Artists include: Ape Machine, Bonehawk, Desert Suns, Devil to Pay, Geezer, JPT Scare Band, Stubb, DoctoR DooM, Mothershp and much more.

Ripple Music

Heavy Glow - "Domino (Black Flowers)" from their forthcoming album Pearls and Swine and Everything Fine
Kozmik Artifactz
Kozmik Artifactz and Bilocation Records from Germany are two vinyl specialized labels under one banner known for their high quality releases. While Kozmik Artifactz is focused mainly on the Stonerrock genre, Bilocation Records offers also bands with a different musical direction.

Founded in 2011 all releases come in beautiful heavy gatefold covers, all vinyl is pressed in Germany on 180g vinyl and in different colours – moreover every release is limited and handnumbered. Each release is made with love to the music and the vinyl.

Kozmik Artifactz

Second track of the upcoming album Sacred States by Ortega
Consouling Sounds

Based out of Belgium, Consouling Sounds was founded in 2008 as a label specializing in post, doom and ambient music. Today, we have widened our scope to exciting, genre defying types of music, yet with a constant interest in quality and aesthetic.


From LĂ„ngfinger's third full length album "Crossyears", released September 30th, 2016 on Small Stone Records.
Small Stone Records

Small Stone Recordings was founded in 1995 in Detroit, Michigan, by Scott Hamilton and specializes in the finest heavy rock ‘n' roll, psychedelia, doom, blues, hard rock, fuzz, metal, sludge and vintage ‘70s style rawk. In addition to essential compilations like Sucking the ‘70s and its companion piece Sucking the ‘70s - Back in the Saddle Again, Small Stone has issued pivotal albums from Dozer, Sasquatch, Freedom Hawk, Greenleaf, Los Natas, Five Horse Johnson, Wo Fat, Solace and others. For over 20 years, Small Stone has worked to shape the underground in which it was born.

Small Stone Records

Samuel by artist JuJu.
Sunrise Ocean Bender
Sunrise Ocean Bender Records is an independent label based in Richmond, Virginia, specializing in limited edition vinyl releases as well as digital formats. From psych rock to psych pop, prog to space rock, electronic to the kosmische… detours.

TiCkToK by Psychedelic Lemon. From their self-titled album, released in March 2016 through Drone Rock Records.
Drone Rock Records

A small, niche record label based on the outskirts of Brighton on the south coast of the UK, specializing in strictly limited vinyl pressings of fuzz, drone, and modern psych.

Drone Rock Records

The Spacelords with Liquid Sun from the album "Liquid Sun". Released January 2016.
Tonzonen Records
Tonzonen Records is an underground label based in Germany and founded in 2012. Tonzonen is specialized in high quality vinyl releases of the Psychedelic, Spacerock, Stoner and Krautrock scene and also some cool avantgarde music. "We are fans of our bands and love vinyl“ that's the message from Tonzonen Records. Enjoy the underground!

Tonzonen Records

Endless Serpents by Hellhookah is due out on vinyl July 31st.
No Slip Records

NoSlip Records is a small independent, boutique styled Record Label that specializes in extremely... limited pressings of various vinyl releases.

We are not defined by music genre as we feel this limits our growth as a label and individuals. Our thought process on what and how we release records is from a fan's perspective. If it's something we'd like to have in our record collection, then it's something we'll be interested in releasing. In other words, we're fans who release vinyl for other fans.

No Slip Records

Orbital Flight by Eternal Stash. Taken from the Haoma album, released in April 2016.
Anvileater Records

Independent record label based in Texas. Specializing in releasing analog forms of loud and heavy music.

Anvileater Records

Evil Hoodoo FOR NEPAL Charity record. 100% of the profits from this record are to be donated to the WHR (Women for Human Rights) organisation in Kathmandu that have been helping victims of the earthquake that shocked Nepal on April 25th 2015.
Evil Hoodoo Records
Evil Hoodoo Records is an independent record label showcasing some of the worlds finest in heavy and psychedelic rock. Artists include: 39th And The Nortons, The Cosmic Dead, Los Tentakills Os Noctambulos Mugstar, The Cosmic Dead, Matthias Von Stumberger, Old Testament Sievehead, Bruce and Carl, Girl Sweat, Hotel Wrecking City Traders, Blown Out and Ghost Box Orchestra.

Evil Hoodoo

No Brain No Headache from the latest release by Missiles of October
P.O.G.O Records

P.O.G.O. records ( Pour des Oreilles Grandes Ouvertes // For Wild Open Ears) is a DIY label since 1993 found on friendship and solidarity, allways want to promote bands that we love and know.


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