Monster Truck
(The Brown EP)
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Heavy rock, Southern rock
Sounds Like:
Pantera, Clutch
Nothing groundbreaking here, just your run of the mill heavy southern rock band. We were introduced to this Monster Truck as they opened up for Clutch. They were actually pretty good live with high energy and a good sound. We kept thinking they have a heavy southern rock sound with a taste for classic rock. Well, this translates right to the album; it’s exactly what we thought it would be; with straight-up fast guitars, keyboards and loud vocals leading the way. Right off the bat, on track 1 “I Am Freedom” we heard the lyrics, “I’m a man and baby you’re my poison”, and we knew what we were in for. Believe it or not, this album gets tiring by the third song and IT’S ONLY AN EP!! The background vocals don’t help much either, they can be too much at times.

One good thing about the album is they have good rhythm at times, so hopefully they’ll fine tune their sound for the next cd. The bottom line is that it’s nothing original, but if you like your music to rock-out with a classic rock twist, than this is for you.

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