Los Natas
(Cuidad de Brahman)
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Stoner rock
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Let’s start off by saying some albums are life changing, Ciudad de Brahman falls into this category. Back when bands like Kyuss, Melvins, Fu Manchu and Monster Magnet were getting all the praise for being kings of stoner rock and Mans Ruin was the label of choice, a band from Argentina was born; you guessed it, Los Natas.

This album is could be one of the best hidden gems out there. It’s got it all, heavy, melodic, soft and uplifting. You know how special this album is right from the get go, track 1 "Carl Sagan 1" is a smooth instrumental trip. Then comes the classic “Meteoro 2028”, with its steady churning guitar rhythms. The vocals throughout the album are soft, yet hold enough strength to stand out within the heaviness of the music. The beauty of this album is that there are many subtle uses of the instruments, you hear something new with every listen. “Siluette” has one of the best uses for a chime, and with the distorted vocals, it’s an amazing combination of the heaviness and softness Los Natas provides. We can go on and on about this album, but it may take a few more paragraphs. Los Natas called it a day in 2012, they provided us with 11 strong albums, but Ciudad de Brahman just stands out and rises among them all.

Standout Tracks: Meteoro 2028, Paradise
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