(Darker The Night)
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Bluegrass, Southern rock
Sounds Like:
Reverend Peyton
Hillstomp is a pleasant surprise; this two-piece band throws down some mean banjo plucking and bucket tapping here on their latest cd. It’s southern folk rock with traditional roots in bluegrass and is very up-tempo. With a raw blues sound, the scattered muffled vocals of Henry Kammerer and John Johnson throughout, makes this album very easy to get into.

There tends to be a dark side to this album at times, especially within the lyrics, "Dark Cold Woods" and "Banjo Song #2" are great examples. It’s diverse set of tempos, rhythms, styles and distortion will keep you coming back for more. I must warn that that you may find yourself tapping your foot to this album. So break out the Makers Mark, build a bonfire and enjoy some Hillstomp.

Standout Tracks:
Dark Cold Woods
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