(Svartir Sandar)
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Alternative rock, Progressive, Sludge
Sounds Like:
ISIS, Neurosis, Pink Floyd
Think a stricken Roger Waters standing 4 feet back from the microphone and chirping in some exotic language with atmospheric swirling guitar-work and droning dark bass undertones. This Icelandic band has a mood driven unique feel and gets our writers fired up, as this obscure find is what this website is all about. A double album filled with reverb, echo and powerful vocals. Throughout the 2-disc set, the songs have great highs and lows and really underscore the ability to bring it down and get back to the heart of the melody no matter how subtle it may be.

A bunch of tracks go beyond the 10 minute mark, but do anything but bore the listener. The second disc is a little more "out there" getting into a more odd sounds with some random experimental, but they do bring it back to their core. Not a lick of English in it, but man the Icelandic tongue will take you to another place... seek this one out.

Standout Tracks:
Fjara, Kukl
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