Last Crack
(Burning Time)
Crank this to 9.8 of 11
|    Editor's Pick
Alternative rock, Metal
Sounds Like:
Janes Addiction, Alice in Chains
If you like a lot of echo in your vocals mixed with bizarre lyrics, piercing, aggressive guitar work and the feel of old school Janes Addiction meets Floater, you have found an obscure gem here. Now some 20-years plus old, Burning Time still stands the test of time.

Tremendous variety and original hooks that promote fist pumping and involuntary arm lifting towards the sky. Front man Buddo's unique vocals blend perfectly with the vibrant lyrics that paint everything from the dark and desolate cold of "Mini Toboggan" to the beautiful sunshine culmination of "Blue Fly Fish Sky". The thirteen tracks flow eloquently to provide you with a spiritual trip through truly creative Energy Minds of Last Crack.

If you only had a few bucks which tracks are recommended?

Ooooh this is ill-advised. Burning Time is a complete experience deserving of an uninterrupted listen. The flow of tracks throughout are so seamless and inviting. The album essentially takes you on a roller coaster of moods between dark ominous clouds to blissful bright blue skies.

What adult beverage do we recommend accompany this album?

Burning Time has the perfect texture for the ROYALE INDIGO:
1 cup blueberries
½ cup raspberries
½ cup ice
2 ounces SomruS
1 ounce vodka
Combine all ingredients and blend until mixed. Blend this puppy and crank it up!

What are our final thoughts on Burning Time?
While the band clearly flopped from a commercial standpoint, they have left behind a dark and diverse album that was recorded via high end crisp technology. A well deserving editor's pick and addition to your collection. Fans of "echo vocals" will be floored by this album. It is a timeless album and well deserving of your burning time.

Track Listing:
1. Wicked Sandbox 4:43
2. Mini Toboggan 5:50
3 Energry Mind 4:51
4. My Burning Time 4:16
5. Precious Human Stress 3:28
6. Love, Craig 5:01
7. Kiss a the Cold 5:47
8. Love or Surrender 1:44
9. Mack Bolasses 6:05
10. Blue Fly, Fish Sky 4:19
11. Papa Mugaya 3:12
12. Down Beat Dirt Messiah 5:58
13. Oooh. 1:54

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