(Shifting Skin)
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Pop, Alternative
Sounds Like:
Duran Duran, The Verve, Vast
Rotation11’s first "pop" album review from the magnificent Ken Andrews, creator of one of the best relatively unknown bands of all time, Failure. Andrew generated a cult following with Failure as their textured atmospheric grunge albums created imagery and hours upon hours of listening pleasure to music enthusiasts.

ON, a one man plays all project, is bigger than a brilliant artist in front of a Casio synthesizer. Shifting Skin features some very impressive synth work, generating some unique rustic synth hooks and intelligent programming. Tracks like "Slingshot" and "Feel At Home" exude sensual moods with provocative lyrics. While this is a pop album, it is loaded with innovative sounds providing a rustic feel. Andrew’s vocals never lose their raw compelling feel, although some Failure fans may be frustrated by the reduced testosterone levels. After several full listens, the album becomes infectious with its euphoric imagery, shadowy lyrics and mixed tone. "Perfect Imposter" and the last track "Pick-up" are the strongest songs on the album. Our experience has shown that typically these pop albums have one or two tracks that make you cringe, but that is not the case here. Andrews has put forth a pop album that Chris Cornell should give a serious listen to.

For music fans whom have very little pop in their collection, think about picking this up. It will be your go to album in times when you want some synthesizer music beyond your 80s favorites.

Standout Tracks: Pick Up, Perfect Imposter
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