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Folk, Indie
Sounds Like:
Mumford and Sons, Band of Horses
Take the styles of folk, indie and Americana, mix it together and you have yourself a hell of an album here. O'Death’s third release, Outside is intimate and moody with a sense of despair. Lyrically, it’s fantastic and lead singer, Greg Jaimie has this Neil Young, punk vibe going on. "Bugs", has a nice bluegrass feeling to it, kind of makes you want to go fishing or hiking. “Ghost Head” gives off a similar vibe, except is a little darker and moodier. "Alamar" makes you feel as though you’re wondering around Sleepy Hollow. All these songs seem to paint their own images of dark and lonely tales.

is brilliant as they tend to mix dark undertones into a folk themed album. With combinations of fiddles, banjos, and a ukulele at work here, they create melodies that are sometimes eerie. It’s an easy album to get lost in; we guarantee you’ll always hear something new and as find you’ll be playing it often.

Standout Tracks:
Ghost Head, Black Dress
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