Vision of Disorder
(The Cursed Remain Cursed)
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Sounds Like:
Sick Of It All, Every Time I Die
One of our virgin hardcore band has returned home. Vision of Disorder is the band that helped us to "understand" hardcore. They blended the suburban angst of hardcore legends like Sick of It All, and the artsy harmonies of Alice in Chains in small doses, and turned up the dial on each to help pave new paths of metalcore.
The true strength of VOD is that they manage to weave a steady rhythm that keeps their sound from mindless excess.  The S/T album Vision of Disorder is a hardcore classic from the suburban malaise of Long Island that epitomizes the seething anger many of us had below the surface. The sophomore effort, Imprint, was a confusing album for many original fans because it was incredibly raw and straight up hardcore metal.  In our opinion, it is still the one of the most important hardcore albums we have ever heard.  It was gritty, unforgiving and uncompromising. It alienated some older fans because it dispensed with some of the trippier, less produced elements from the S/T, but embodied the dirty, gritty, sweaty spirit of a live hardcore show (plus Phil Anselmo never hurts as a cameo). 

After some inner turmoil, they released From Bliss to Devastation, a watered down version of VOD that really has a backseat place in their catalog. Realizing their faux pas, the boys released For the Bleeders, a collection of live and unreleased material that helped ease the wounds before an official long term hiatus. The demise of VOD was a rough announcement that makes the return all the sweeter. The best news of all is that they come back in top form. They shed their age and any possible attempts at compromise on the new album.  Hell, the new album probably should have been released 13 years ago after Imprint.  It’s obvious they pent up their energy since than. Upon first listen, we really expected to hear something more akin to Bloodsimple (vocalist Tim Williams’s metal side project), or From Bliss to Devastation due to the mellowing of age.  The good news is that they looked at the fan base and said, why the hell don’t we just do what we’re good at, and play beautiful, crushing metalcore circa 1998.  Mission accomplished.  The Cursed Remain Cursed is a triumphant return to form for one of the greats of its genre. The album truly feels like a labor of love that just feels right.

Standout Tracks: Set To Fail, Hard Times
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