Lord Fowl
(Moon Queen)
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Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Nebula, Kiss
The cover of this album drew us in, so we gave it a spin and had a little difficulty getting through a full listen. We revisited the album several weeks later and it became a bit clearer that Lord Fowl lacked originality and Moon Queen was somewhat of a snoozer. Their style is straight forward stoner rock with some late eighties-nineties rock mixed in. The vocals have a Bon Scott meets Bullet Boys vibe and the lyrics are... well corny at times; which' you’ll hear right away in the opening track "Moon Queen". On the song "Touch Your Groove" they must say the word 'groove' a thousand times, backed by Def Leppard Hysteria style drums. The background vocals at times sounds like Kiss from the seventies; we were waiting for the song "Strutter" to show up somewhere on here. And the song "Woman Queen" feels like it is straight out of a Blue Murder album; makes you want to throw in Valley of the Kings.

So, you get the picture, most of the album is mundane and lacking depth. They do not branch out nor do they evoke any emotion that would want you to caw for Lord Fowl. Feel free to give them a try if any of this may be up your alley... unfortunately we would throw this one straight into the bargain bin and re-use the clear case.

Standout Track:
Woman King
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