Slim Cessna's Auto Club
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Gothabily, Folk
Sounds Like:
Hank III, The Cramps
We love variety at Rotation11. SCAC fills a very small niche in the rockabilly or more specifically, gothabilly genre. Gothabilly is a sub-genre of rockabilly some thought to have been pioneered by the Cramps in the late 1970's. The music features a mix of dark folk, somber lyrics, but often up-tempo knee slapping country instruments; such as slide guitars, banjos and washboards.

To get the "goth" piece, the lyrics tend to require negativity and some monotone chanting. SCAC tends to throw in a lot of doomsday religious imagery coupled with suggestive violence, bad relationships along with drugs and alcohol. Unentitled is a solid album to put in your rotation. Slim has a very unique vocal style, with cool vibrato and good ranges both high and low. The background vocals also offer a flavor of unit and power throughout the album. Track 1, "Three Bloodhounds, Two Shepherds...", is one of the strongest tracks providing you with a good flavor of their style and energy. Layered with a flamenco feel and great harmonies, this track provides the intrigue for the listener to give the album a full rotation. Track 8, "Hallelujah Anyway" is also a quite solid tune, with some great highs and lows along with intense lyrics. At seven minutes long, the song intertwines mock evangelistic tirades that fit well. The song is exhausting, but we found it very innovative.

We all go through swings in mood interests. While this album definitely requires you to be in the mood for this style, we feel that is an excellent addition to your collection on the grounds of sheer variety. Keep this in your rotation, it will grow on you even though your ears may not be initially accustomed to it.

Standout Track:
Three Bloodhounds, Two Shepherds...
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