(Echo Ono)
Crank this to 7.5 of 11
Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
Blue Cheer, The Heads
Nine songs just over 33 minutes, but filled with great hooks and fuzz filled guitars. This three piece band hailing from Virginia is made up of three brothers that have quite a bit of synergy. The first three tunes are intense and contain inspiring distortion work and vocals that blend in very well. Some of the guitar-work reminds us of Pelican or ISIS.

The first track "Lions of Least" is aggressive with some very unique bass undertones including nice harmonies. "Northcoast" and "Left of Lights" keep this feel and intensity going. Thereafter we get some mellower tunes but good melodies and a bit less trippy. The last two songs "Royal Colors" and "Panoptica" are the best songs on the album, delving into more captivating and experimental territory. "Royal Colors" features unique organ filled tempos melding several genres of classic, stoner, and post rock. "Panoptica" really gets the fuzz cranked up and culminates into a euphoric haze.

Echo Ono is well worth adding to your collection. They blend a variety of styles into an album that does not try to do too much. We like the fact that it is short and to the point and does not bore us at any particular point. No drawn out feedback, rather a well sculpted rock album that contains a majestic feel throughout.

Standout Tracks: Royal Colors, Panoptica
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