Jenny M. Thomas and the System
(Bush Gothic)
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Bush Gothic
Sounds Like:
Tori Amos, Swell Season, Nickel Creek
We are uncovering some very talented musicians that revel in 'bush music'. These songs represent the early days of the Australian colonies often sung by convicts who were sent to Australia during the early period of British colonization. Welcome from Australia, Jenny M. Thomas and the System, providing us with a great heartfelt mix of Australian traditional bush music. "Australian bush songs are traditionally sung in a very upbeat way, but their themes are full of murder, torture and loneliness", Thomas says

Jenny and the System take these uptempo works and revamp them into melancholy ardent compositions. This album is filled with dark but rich lyrics featuring some great piano, violin, fiddle and upright bass accompaniment. Various songs have some great raw spoon work throughout by Jenny which really adds a raw and unique feel. Not a bad tune on the entire album, start to finish this album will make the richness of your speakers shine. The interplay of tight piano work and weeping violins are blended perfectly throughout. Checkout the tune, "Wide is His Blow", chilling stuff that brings forth some eerie emotions. Best track on the album that will have you putting on heavy rotation and sharing with those close to you. Don't let the bland straightforward name fool you. This is anything but bland... it's powerful stuff.

Standout Track: Wide is His Blow
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