One Leg Mary
(Yes Exactly, Maybe Not)
Turn this to 6.5 of 11
Math Rock
Sounds Like:
June of 44, Failure, Fugazi
Straight out from Greece, arises a band called One Leg Mary. OLM’s, first release is a terrific balance between soft melodies and edgy arrangements. The band’s music is extremely tight and sounds like they have been together for quite a while. First track "CHUGA" is an in-your-face math rock instrumental with muffled vocals scattered in throughout in the background. "2Spyrow" starts to showcase the singers’ voice, which has a Ken Andrews (from Failure) vibe to it.

Track 3 "A Big Win For Boredom" is extremely catchy with its start and stop punkish change-ups. "Speit Gazolin" continues on this path of math-rock experiments and this is where they start to jam out a bit. "Outfit" has a great headphone quality about it; it’s a slow building song that picks up steam towards the end. The vocal and guitar arrangements are top notch. The last song "Kshshsh" is another great beast of music where the end gets nice and heavy... makes you want more.

You can check them out on their bandcamp site, where they released the album digitally. We look forward to more music from OLM, they are exactly what this site is about.

Standout Track: Outfit
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