(Valley of Smoke)
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Progressive metal
Sounds Like:
ISIS, Pelican
Intronaut’s Valley of Smoke is a unique pleasure, it has something for everyone. It’s a difficult album to review because of the vast amounts of different musical influences used. One moment it has a prog-metal sound with heavy vocals, avalanches of guitars and towering rhythms, than descending into valleys of jazz, prog and jam rhythms that soothe you until the next ascent into the mountains of heaviness again; all done seamlessly. That by itself is admirable and Intronaut has matured and perfected it over the last few releases.

The thing that sets Intronaut apart on Valley of Smoke from some other bands in this genre is that the vocals and harmonization is stunningly well done and really break some new ground.  It’s amazing how neglected vocals have gotten in heavier music compared to the technical musical innovations in metal.

Intronaut does an amazing job of becoming a renaissance band that masters both the technical arrangements and vocals as one on this album.  Excellent album.

Standout Track: Miasma
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