Sleepy Sun
Crank this to 7.5 of 11
Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
Band of Horses, Dead Meadow, The Black Angels
California’s Sleepy Suns' second release is an impressive display of psychedelic, folk rock. It’s full of soothing acoustics, blues and heavy rock. The dual vocals of Bret Constantino and Rachel Fannan provide for some great harmonies, taking the album to another level. The first track "Marina" starts off with a heavy, bluesy guitar riff and then takes a welcome shift right into a nice psychedelic-folk song. At the 3:50 mark, the song breaks into a tribal-beat with power vocals; it’s a terrific break. "Ringaaroo" is a crisp, clean acoustic song, showcasing Rachel's strong vocals. "Wild Machines" has great change-ups, starting off soft and trippy then diving into Dead Meadow-like heaviness, the changes blend real well. "Desert God", "Open Eyes" and "Freedom Line" have a more subdued feeling filled with great instrumental and vocal effects, it will keep you interested.

We found the album infectious, resulting in multiple listens during one session to soak in the enjoyment of the music. Ending the album is “Sandstorm Woman” which captures all the flavors of the album into a 9:50 minute song.

Sleepy Sun have many elements working for them and a wealth of talent on this album.  The harmonies and infused psychedelia throughout make this a great one for your heavy rotation. It will add some nice diversity to your collection.

Standout Track: Marina
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