My Sleeping Karma
Crank this to 8.5 of 11
Stoner rock, Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
Explosions in the Sky, ISIS, Pelican
Get ready to be blown away by My Sleeping Karma's fourth album, Soma, a triumphant instrumental gem that will be a great addition to your collection. It feels fresh and has great production quality; every instrument is poignant and well-arranged providing a multi-layered crisp, clean sound.

MSK often resembles the softer side of ISIS, when they would bring down the heavy arrangements and jam out for a while. Each song takes you on an eclectic journey, at times providing heavy stoner rock driven rhythms bridging frequently into sudden falls into relaxing mid-tempo compositions. Between each track their are interludes of blended guitar and bass over the ambiance of nature, which builds beautifully providing continuity and an almost concept feel which is a bit rare for an instrumental album. "Saumya" offers a euphoric acoustic drive that eventually blends into a variety of space rock elements bursting in vivid color.

There is depth and richness of variety offered on this album; ranging from swirling ambiance and mid-eastern influences to space rock and it does not get old. We really couldn’t come up with any faults on Soma. Instrumental albums can often be repetitive and drag on, but not here, the repetitious moments on the album work very well providing a pensive and soothing dynamic. My Sleeping Karma definitely took their time to create music that can cross through many genres, broadening their audience and leaving room for more growth.

The jury is still out on whether this is their best album, but with music like this, it’s fun to revisit the older albums and see the progression of the band. Welcome to one of the best albums put out in 2012!

Standout Track: Saumya
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