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Rotation Radar
by Death Pedals
Punk, Noise rock, Psychedelic
Sound Preview Lab
Sound Preview Lab
On The Road
(One Wing)
Staff Rating: Turn this to 6.5 of 11
Sounds Like:
Norma Jean, Every Time I Die
The Chariot have been the great Norma Jean spinoff band for many years: a great little brother to the ultra talented big brother, Norma.  We’ve always appreciated The Chariot here at Rotation11, but sometimes the chaos would become sonic noise overload at times and overwhelming before you could complete a full album. One Wing is the evolution of the band. They finally discover that link between chaos and the rhythm that draws a listener in.

By no means do they admit defeat. It’s just that they finally found the thread that ties a good song together and pulls the listener from song to song. Whether it is the throbbing changeup rhythm at the end of "And", or the mysterious hardcore mariachi band thing at the end of "First", it works.

Though these guys have always been good, sometimes the development of an artist is worth the wait.  You knew The Chariot had it in them, and on One Wing, they drag it to the surface.  The only misstep is the last song, Cheek.  The spoken word thing on the track is a complete waste of time and renders the album too short for a higher rating.

Standout Tracks: And, First
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