(Dead Roots Stirring)
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Stoner rock, Doom
Sounds Like:
Colour Haze, Dead Meadow, High on Fire
Impressive second album from the Boston based trio. Five tunes running approximately 51 minutes filled with sludge, grinding and pinpoint guitar-work. Dead Roots Stirring adds more complexity and song style than their debut. Vocalist and lead guitarist Nick DiSalvo is a strong talent offering up some melodic and towering guitar work providing the album with a little progressive tilt. DiSalvo’s vocals are steady but somewhat bland as they are second fiddle to his guitar work.

The five songs offer up quite a bit of variety; from straight-up stonerock to sitar/acoustic work to spiraling guitars and classic sludge. "The End" is the heaviest of the five tracks, culminating into a splash of ambient noise. "The Knot" conjures up a strong Sabbath feel with a strong consistent melody throughout. The self-titled track has some flaws and is sometimes a bit repetitive, but does have some strong guitar licks and standout moments. "Gemini" is probably the most anthemic song off the album, offering a steady build which is quite inspiring.

If you are fans of Colour Haze, prefer more vocals and perhaps a bit more song structure you will enjoy Elder. These dead roots have come alive and this is a strong album to put in your rotation.

Standout Tracks: Gemini, The End
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