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Full Review and Video Clip
Rotation Radar
by Death Pedals
Punk, Noise rock, Psychedelic
Sound Preview Lab
Sound Preview Lab
On The Road
Dawn of Midi
Staff Rating: Turn this to 3 of 11
Experimental Jazz, Trance
Sounds Like:
Aphex Twin, Orbital
Fantastic album cover, no question. The problem we tend to have with experimental jazz, however, is repetition. Playing off that subtle change-up and down-tempo effect is quite blasé. Dawn of Midi is essentially a piano trio emphasizing the 'experimental' a bit more than the 'jazz'. They tend to call it a single locked-groove composition or call it minimalism or perhaps rhythmic trance. Lets be honest, it is more akin to Chinese water torture. The trio features an upright bass, piano, and electronic drums and we can confirm that not one stands out over the other.

Some enthusiasts love the repetitive nature and using 'repetition' to be different. Frankly, Dysnomia was extremely difficult to get through our requisite 5 full rotations without a few naps in between. As you sample tracks you can fast forward to the middle of the song and do a double take thinking there is a problem with your fast forward button. Its quite possible we do not have the intelligence to grasp the creative experimental nature in Dawn of Midi's 47 minute drone fest, but we honestly feel we could re-produce this without attending four years at Berklee.

We will not bore you with highlighting any specific tracks here as the reality is you will never be able to decipher one from the next. We tried to give this genre a chance but struggled getting through. If anyone has any repetitive experimental trance recommendations we are still open for a listen and recommendation.

Standout Tracks: None, they all blend together.
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