Mars Red Sky
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Stoner rock, Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
Colour Haze, Dead Meadow, Sleep
Stoner rock, one of our favorite genres that continues to spawn hundreds of bands throughout the world, requires a certain chemistry. Over the years there have been a boat load of crappy knock-off bands characterized by messy guitar work and god awful vocals. Every now and then, however, a gem finds its way to the surface. Thankfully, we were able to catch the gleam and prowess of France's, Mars Red Sky.

Their first full length self titled seven song exploration is quite a trip. The seven tracks are very well crafted in their simplicity and beauty painting images of an alternate universe. The fuzz laced guitar work, brooding bass and warm vocals provide wonderful chemistry. The album has this floating and relaxing feel that is quite addictive.

The first track "Strong Reflections" is brilliant in its ability position and set the atmospheric mood. "Please let me hold your hand" is echoed amongst the swirling guitar work and deep bass.  The second track,  "Curse" has a more uptempo tilt, with guitars that evoke a psychedelic feel and hypnotic vocals. A very well placed song that has a journeyman quality to it.  This rolls nicely into the third track,  "Falls", an elaborate instrumental filled with Colour Haze influences. "Way to Rome", offers a positive infusion of hope and richness to the album. "Saddle Point" is the albums second instrumental and offers a blend of acoustic reflection and symphonic overtones.

The last two tracks provide a unique and fitting end. "Marble Sky" features droning guitar in the shadow of Sleep and really dips into some dark territory. The French frontman mixes up his vocals nicely on this track via some Sabbath-like distortion. "Up the Stairs" is probably the most engaging track on the album, providing the listener a diverse mix of fuzz laden grooves and a complete drop-off into very solemn vocals with poignant lyrics combining both comfort and isolation. Two emotions that are painted here via the character's attachment to a 'photograph' and nomadic state.

Mars Red Sky have put forth a very classy and well thought out stoner rock album. One that is very consistent and powerful in its entirety.

Standout Tracks: Up the Stairs, Strong Reflections
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