New Keepers of the Water Towers
(Cosmic Child)
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Progressive metal, Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Mastodon, Pink Floyd, Opeth
What a brilliant move, expand your original name New Keepers to New Keepers of the Water Towers. This adds a mystique and almost Armageddon desolate feel to the band. NKOFWT have delivered something very special with their third release, Cosmic Child. It's more than a name change, but a directional change from their previous two albums.

The crew from Sweden has set forth a six song concept album that blends melodies, stoner rock influences, with a progressive edge. There is a also 70's acid rock undercurrent that provides a mixture of acoustic interludes and periodic piano. Do not fluff off these lyrics, take a hard listen, as they are dark and well thought out. The formula is a grand success as Cosmic Child delivers a whirlwind of complexity. By complexity we mean the ability to blend a variety of styles while maintaining to overall feel and flow of something otherworldly. Much akin to the great Opeth, who have mastered variety and concept albums with a very intelligent edge.

The second track "Visions Of Death"  features an onset of space rock vibes with ominous lyrics that morph into some terrific guitar stoner rock licks. "Pyre For The Red Sage", the third track is a 12-minute ride through spacial concepts and really mixes that 70's drug laced feel with a variety of great lows and highs. "Lapse" is another 12-minute journey minus the vocals. Terrific piece with a variety of ambient infusions and great guitar work, all throughout still maintaing the gravitational weightless feel.

New Keepers of the Water Towers have matured into a style that provides a unique intelligent progressive edge. Much more that simple brooding stoner rock, Cosmic Child has depth and value. It's the type of album you want on CD, even though you may have already downloaded the album. Skip the downloading and go directly to overnight delivery and grab yourself a hard copy. Rotation11 really needs a business trip out to Sweden. They are spawning some terrific musical minds.

Standout Tracks: Visions Of Death, Pyre For The Red Sage
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