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Sounds Like:
Kings of Leon, Bullet Boys, Kings of the Sun
We’ve uncovered yet another sub-par rock album, so we’ll keep this one quick and to the point. Kingswood is a four-piece rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia. Their style of rock is bland and, well, just does not wet our appetite. Change Of Heart really doesn’t offer much in terms of musicianship, lyrics or emotion.

"She’s My Baby", the opening track, kicks things off with a steady guitar rhythm than a Steven Tyler-like scream, letting us know they mean business. The nasally vocals are introduced and are reminiscent to Kings of Leon meets Bullet Boys and it does not change much throughout the album. The second track, "Medusa" offers nothing different, except the lyrics are just painful. "Ohio" starts as a bluesy tune that shows some falsetto touches in the vocals, yet is ruined by reverting back to an average rock song, with weak backup vocals. "Sun" has some promise, as we actually hear some feedback and distorted guitars, so there’s hope yet to salvage a song, but hold on, they just can’t layoff the backing vocals and let the music takeover, so we’ll move on.

The title track, "Change Of Heart" is lackluster and has zero emotion; it feels like they are going through the motions, its actually quite comical… just move on, again. "Yeah Go Die" and "Wolf" offer nothing more, so we will not go into detail, it’s pointless. The last track "iSi, Anda y Muerete" is a little ditty that has some Hispanic flare, it’s the best song here and still nothing we would burn and save.

Listening to this album makes a couple of our editors’ conjure up the late 80‘s band, Kings of the Sun, as their Self-Titled album offered more than Kingswood. In fact, look into Kings of the Sun, if you’re into this style of rock, you may be surprised.

Standout Track: iSi, Anda y Muerete
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