Fiction Factory
(Throw The Warped Wheel Out')
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1980's Pop, New Wave
Sounds Like:
Echo and the Bunnymen, Thompson Twins, New Order
Some of our editors grew up during the 80's new wave heyday and consider themselves 80's aficionados. We have been searching for that 80's band that we were least familiar with relative to their overall body of work. Welcome Fiction Factory hailing from Scotland.  Spanning from 1983 to 1987, they were only able to pump out two albums.

Their radio play hit is the opening track, "(Feels Like) Heaven" features church bell synths and classic Psychedelic Furs feel, checkout the angst filled lyrics ripe with 80's fervor. We love the falsetto technique that bleeds through in this classic. Unlike many of the one hit wonder bands of this era, this album has some depth and meat on it. Lead singer Kevin Patterson's vocal style features that over-exaggerated brooding technique that will warm your heart and bring back flashbacks to the good old days.

This album contains so many little hints of other 80's projects through their diverse use of the synths. Checkout track 9 "The First Step",  the bells will take you back to Band Aids' "Do They Know Its Christmas". Track 6 will fires us up as the Oingo Boingo-esque choruses and bongo bass accompanied by subtle trumpets hoist you on that time machine. The funk filled warmth of "Heart & Mind" is one of the more catchy tunes on the album. The slow groove of "The Hanging Gardens" also provides some flavor contributing to the overall albums appeal. They even splash a little soul at us with the vibrant melodies of "All or Nothing".

This is a cool find for its ability to really take you back to that era, while also providing some variety. The interesting thing you will find is that Throw the Warped Wheel Out will give you the urge to throw on some of the other more popular eighties bands as it jogs your memory. By the way, how good is the album title, probably one of the best named eighties albums we have come across.

Standout Track: Heart & Mind
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