That Fucking Tank
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Math Rock, Progressive
Sounds Like:
The Jesus Lizard, June of 44, Animals As Leaders
We’re always keeping a pulse on the math rock scene here and once in a while a band strikes our nerve and impresses us. That band is That Fucking Tank (TFT), this instrumental duo from Leeds, England throw down some intense math rock along with a progressive feel. Consisting of two band members, Andy Abbott (guitar) and James Islip (drums), these two really know how to make one hell of an entertaining album. On their second release, TFT, they continue this intense style they formulated on Tankology. For those of you not familiar with them, you’re in for quite a ride, just picture the musical prowess of The Jesus Lizard combined with the progressive side of Animals As Leaders, it’s a unique combination.

The production of this album is very clean and polished as the arrangements of the drums and guitar feed off each other flawlessly. Just set the volume dial up and let it go. Kicking things off is “TFT," and it packs quite a punch, it’s quick, heavy and loaded with countless change-ups to keep you on your toes. The guitar intro and drums will have you pumped and primed for the rest of the album. On "Wonderful World Of," you will hear a heavy Jesus Lizard influence, reminds us of "Thumper," track one off of Shot. Moving on to "Lomond", it’s a well-timed song as it’s very toned-down, giving us a break from the intensity. "NWONWOBHM" has some stellar guitar licks, picture Steve Howe from Yes amped up and playing heavy math rock. Actually, Yes was no doubt an influence to many of these bands today. Now we get ready for the track "Acid Jam," it’s one of the highlights of the album. This song crosses into some sort of math rock/techno vibe, its steady rhythmic pace will put a little pick-up in your step. We close things out with "End (Of Wonderful Word)," it’s a nice acoustic track that has us thinking, where were the acoustics throughout the album? Could have been a nice touch, but nonetheless, we feel like they emptied the tank and left nothing behind.

TFT are a refreshing band, they have a great chemistry and the sound is immense and impressive for a duo. The tracks are never too long, so they never become tiresome. They are well worth you attention, especially among rising the two-piece bands out there today. It would be a wise choice to give these guys a try and definitely check out their first album. - 3/23/2014

Standout Tracks: Acid Jam, NWONWOBHM
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