Spiritual Rez
(The Nexus)
Crank this to 7 of 11
Reggae, Alternative
Sounds Like:
Wailing Souls, Jimmy Cliff, Sublime
This seven-piece Boston based band features bright reggae with subtle ska undertones. "The Nexus."  is the bands' second album that features thirteen tracks fueled by positive lyrics and solid musicianship throughout. The production is very clean and balanced, offering a vibrant headphone experience.

One of our favorite tracks on the album "In The Cold" is loaded with energy and has great highs punctuated with a stellar staccato horn section. Toft Willingham is a solid frontman offering a surfer ska appeal. "Alone Again" is a well written piece with a journeyman feel with positive lyrics... "I go where there are no cares/no sorrows or despair". The horns also drive the appealing chorus on this one. "Giving Her Love" is probably the most poppy track on the album with more uplifting writing... "The greatest love is the motion that you make with me”.  There are a few bland tracks such as "Unity," which sounds more like a public service announcement on PBS during one if their telethons.

Overall we were impressed with the album. It accomplishes its goal of giving you the urge to head towards sunlight and grab a Corona. Certainly a nice addition to your file under positive happy party background music. We look forward to catching Spiritual Rez live this summer - 4/9/2014

Standout Tracks: In The Cold, Alone Again
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