Floating Goat
(The Vultures Arrive)
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Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Fu Manchu, Quicksand
There are times when solid (not superb) musicians come together to make a jaw-dropping album. The Vultures Arrive is just that. Floating Goat are a three-piece band that is obscure to the core with minimal press and virtually no fanfare. With mediocre production, a solid bass, guitar and drums hitting their stride all at once offer something very special here. There is a tenacity and depth to this album that when all 9 tracks are listened in succession you will be pleasantly surprised with an album that has tremendous chemistry and flow. Very simply, they take a little piece from Transition, Fu Manchu, and Quicksand to come up with what we deem an editor's pick. We know these are lofty comparisons, three of the greatest bands to have blessed our presence (just check-out our review of Transition).

This is not straight forward stoner rock, rather it collects influence of hardcore, punk, and psychedelia. Lyrically, Floating Goat provide for bone-chilling imagery and rustic sensationalism. Lead singer and guitarist Chris Corona provides from the gut vocals that have an infections tonality to it (much akin to the Quicksand and Transition antagonistic style). We could uncover very little about Floating Goat, other than the fact that they were formed in 2001 releasing their debut album Heaven's Burning, which we are not that familiar with (yet).

Here is our rating of the songs and highlight description:

1: Ride (4:10) - Sets the tone well, will not wow you, but hang-in. - 8.5  

2: Blown Away (5:44)
- Epic feel good grooves and bounce. - 9   

3: Bad News (6:30) - Melodic bliss and simplicity, infectious to the core. - 10  

4: Ruin (4:26) - Swirling guitar coupled w/ Transition feel vocals. - 9
5: Sketch (4:27) - Hardcore overrides stoner rock on this one- superb. - 10
6: In Fire / Nuclear Winter (5:35) - Love the distortion and breakdown. - 9 

7: No One Alive
(5:28) - Percussion will inspire you on this one. - 8.5
8: Vanhalien Abduction (4:22) - Distortion and fuzz will delight. - 9.5  

9: Trails of a Distant Sun/The Endless Summer
(5:39) - What an end!! - 10  
We hope this review will intrigue you enough to give Floating Goat a gander. At the minimum, we ask that you please indulge yourself with Transition, Fu Manchu and Quicksand. They in conjunction with Floating Goat will be the backbone to your stoner rock collection.

Standout Tracks:
Sketch, Vanhalien Abduction
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