(Spindrift-Ghost of the West)
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Western, Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
Johnny Cash, Federale, Hank III
This album is like nothing we have ever come across. Is it an offshoot of the genre rockabilly? Perhaps. Does it pull sounds from classic western movies? To a certain extent. Is it bluegrass? Not quite. Is it country? Very early country works, undoubtedly. Is it the soundtrack to a psychedelic western documentary? Yes. We can best describe Spindrift as Johnny Cash on crystal meth throw in a dash of Butthole Surfers and a pinch of Hank III and a spritz of the Django Unchained soundtrack.

All that we can tell you is that Spindrift have put forth a very comforting and intelligent album. Why comforting you might ask? Fact of the matter is the album is rich with warm guitar rhythms and that Johnny Cash homemade American historic feel. Spindrift is the creation of Kirpatrick Thomas and the album includes collaboration from members of The Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Warlocks. Spindrift - Ghost of the West contains 15 tracks averaging 2 or 3 minutes a pop and does not tire. Rather, the album weaves a virtuoso of Americana into a tapestry of 15 distinctive cuts that become a cohesive unit.

After several listens, you will inexplicably quaff the scent of burning firewood and get the urge to go outside and wander the woods looking for adventure. What impresses us most about this album is its ability to transport you somewhere else. Pulling you into a soundscape that you make all your own. Within the 15 tracks are various songs that were written pre-1960s, but Spindrift infuse terrific originals throughout the classic re-crafted tracks. By way of example, "The Matador and The Fuzz" provides a sweeping Spanish flavor with some inspiring acoustic guitar work and castanets and superb Tarantino-like grungy fuzz. "Navajo Trail" has the 'Happy Trails' vibe and then morphs into distorted vocals with sweet female harmonies... absolutely brilliant.  "Paniolos on the Range" is probably one of the most relaxing cuts blending in some interesting flute work and some of the most original vocals you will hear. Almost a western meets Celtic woman vocals. The last two track take home the "ghost" theme with splendor.  There are clearly too many track to go into detail here, but well worth your complete attention and perusal.

At Rotation11 our editors love different and groundbreaking. This album is such a treat for your collection. Its a terrific loner album and a terrific gathering album. Intelligent, well-crafted and beautiful. It will absolutely be a mainstay in our rotation. We highly recommend you grab this album and let it whisk you away. - 7/20/2014

Standout Tracks: The Matador and The Fuzz, Paniolos on the Range
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