Okta Logue
(Tales of a Transit City)
Crank this to 7.5 of 11
Sounds Like:
Pink Floyd, The Verve, Doves
Steady wins the race as they say. If you are looking for a straight shooting solid album give Okta Logue's Tales of a Transit City a shot. Blend Richard Ashcroft from the The Verve with David Gilmour from Pink Floyd and you will have the soothing melancholy effect of Benno Hertz's voice. The band is clearly heavily influenced by Floyd as the album provides you with an atmosphere and feel not too dissimilar from A Momentary Lapse of Reason. Just add a bit more tempo and hoppy piano to a few songs. The album definitely exudes some atmospheric weight and will set you off in a relaxed and reflective mood. The four piece band hails from Germany and this marks their first full length.

The album catches our interest right of the bat with "Transit" a seven minute tune that blends sharp guitar-work with vibrant keyboards/organs. Very well done and the opening track does a nice job setting the mood. The transition into the second track, "Mr. Busdriver" is a little choppy and it’s a very simplistic song (lyrically) that will not floor you at first. Yet after several listens you will feel the 60’s Floyd vibe come forth and work. "Dream On"  is a peaceful tune channeling some earlier works from the Flaming Lips but adding more pop and commercial appeal. "Let Go" continues the 60's pop and psychedelic vibe and keeps with the steady flow.

One of our favorite tracks, "Chase the Day" offers a slower tempo majestic feel capped with a superb chorus to punctuate this one. The next two cuts "Judith" and "Cats in the Alley" continue to channel some of the older Pink Floyd works but less layered and more simplistic. The last track "You" is an impressive is also well done and captures our interest through the end. Okta Logue does nothing ground-breaking here, but keep within the boundaries of their talents not taking significant chances.

Overall the album is quite heartfelt as the weeping guitar riffs and blissful piano compliment Benno' vocals quite well. Outside of 'Mr Busdriver' perhaps causing you pause, this is a solid album that deserves some attention. Give this steady album a listen and we feel you will be pleased to add some consistency to your collection. - 8/10/2014

Standout Tracks:
Let Go, Chase The Day
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