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Sounds Like:
Graveyard, Queens of the Stoneage, Kadavar
Looking for that new blues rock band that is a bit different and original to add to your collection? Well Oblivious, a four-piece rock band from Sweden are hit and miss. Their 2013 release Creating Meaning seems to fall flat in terms of originality. The music here is actually pretty good as there are doses of crafty jams and catchy rhythms scattered throughout, you just need to listen a few times to find them. The two major flaws is the lyrics and singing, they seem work hand-in-hand to bring this album down a few notches.

The first two tracks "Silver Tounge" and "Strike Gold" sound very similar to start things off. "Silver Tounge" begins with a decent bouncy rhythm, but the lyrics in the main chorus are silly and bring this one down. "Strike Gold" has a QOTSA and Graveyard vibe, although the music is good here the vocals are a bit off-putting and that’s the frustrating part about this album. Track three "Deluded Darling" could be the worst one of the bunch, the chorus is very irritating, and how many times can he sing "my deluded darling" without it getting bothersome. Moving on to "Bjälken I Ditt Eget Oga," this one is 8:50 minutes long and is one of the better cuts off the album. There is some nice bluesy jamming going on here and they keep things on the mellow side. The softer side of the vocals is not bad; unfortunately they are not like this for much more of the album. This song shows the bands' ability to slowly build into a heavy, bluesy jam, something we don't hear enough of. "What A Trip" could be good with its bouncy rhythm, but the lyrics bring it down and the chorus has this 80's .38 Special rock vibe. The next one, "By The Neck" is a decent jam as well, although the vocals become a bit too powerful at the end. The six minute psychedelic "You Are The Wall" is an ok song and it’s on the mellower side, yet again the chorus brings this one down a few. The song just has no longevity, as it will get lost and forgotten within your playlist.

Now for the last track, "Entering The Night," we were flat-out shocked by this one. It’s an acoustic, heartfelt song with great harmonized vocals and nice lyrics. Our staff couldn’t understand why they would hold this back; it’s easily the highlight of the album. Perhaps this is what they were meant to sound like. Forget the heavy, bluesy songs and move toward a folk-styled blues, we would love to hear this side flourish on the next album.

Oblivious are somewhat frustrating, they are a talented bunch, but the upfront vocals, lyrics and some cheesy chorus lines get in the way. As we mentioned earlier they seem to be good when they bring things down. In the meantime, we’ll keep searching for that new blues rock band that will wow us. - 8/12/2014

Standout Tracks: Entering The Night
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