(Reed Chapter One)
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Stoner rock, Heavy rock, Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
Gammera, Gas Giant, Spirit Caravan
Heavy, spacious and trippy are just a few words that capture the style of stoner rock that SautruS brings to the table. This band from Poland consists of five members; Weno Winter (vocals), Michał Nowak (guitar), Tomek Bushmansky (bass), Piotr 'Ochota' Ochociński (drums) and Ragnar (visuals/management). Together they have created a fine piece of work in Reed: Chapter One, released on the up and coming Pink Tank Records label. It is eight tracks of classic stoner rock with a heavy psych and blues feel. This album gives off a late 90’s to early 2000’s stoner rock vibe, when bands like Gammera, Gas Giant, Datura and Beaver were coming on the scene. Not to say they don’t expand on this genre, because they do, as each member adds their own styles into this album. Not only will this appeal to longtime fans of stoner rock, it should also draw in newcomers as well.

Here is a detailed outlook for Reed: Chapter One:

Track 1: Ricochet (3:48) – Classic stoner rock feel. The vocals are raspy and deep and fit within the heaviness of the music. The echoed vocals are also timed perfectly, adding to the psychedelics.

Track 2: The Knurr (4:10) – Deep and spacious, this one is a bit more out there than the previous. The use of the echoed vocals is carried throughout this song, as they are a common theme for the album.

Track 3: Dumbledore (1:22) – A soft acoustic interlude between songs and nicely placed on the album. Who doesn’t love a timely acoustic break?

Track 4: Kuelmeggah Part 2 (6:59) – Perhaps this is the second part from a song on the first album. Running at 6:59 minutes, they leave room for some exploration and jamming. This one has it all: a crunching vibe, spaced-out rhythms and a strong bass.

Track 5: Iomi Iomi (4:07) – Classic rhythmic bounce as all band members are in synch. The drums and bass play off each other flawlessly.

Track 6: Fa’yka Ye’v Domoo
(1:51) – Another well timed interlude with Transylvanian sounding synths, bongos and shouting in the distance.

Track 7: LOSAO
(4:45) – A great builder. A slower heavy rhythm on this one will build towards the end and pick up its pace to a classic end.

Track 8: Suentist
(7:15) – The longest song on the album. The soft beginning will lead us to more of the stoned blues we have come to expect from SautruS. We love the breakdown at 4:05 mark. It becomes very spacious and open, a side of this band that we have come to like very much. The song will pick up again to form and ride out to the end.

SautruS blend many forms of stoner rock together to bring us a damn fine album. Anyone who is into this genre should begin to take notice. They have all the ingredients necessary to take their talents and continue to release strong albums and develop an underground following. - 8/24/2014

Standout Tracks:
Suentist, Iomi Iomi,
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