(Monsferri Caveman)
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Heavy rock
Sounds Like:
Brain Police, Alabama Thunderpussy, Orange Goblin
Little is known about the band MotherMadness, but what we do know is that they are a four-piece outfit that spews out heavy rock in vein of bands like Brain Police or Alabama Thunderpussy. They have made great strides from their debut EP to their second one, Monsferri Cavemen. There are only three songs on this one, as it makes for a quick listen. The music is thick, chunky and is held together with the growling vocals akin to Johnny Throckmorton of Alabama Thuderpussy. Is this album original? Nope. Are the lyrics any good? They are so-so, a little cheesy at times. So, what do they bring to the table you may ask? Well, they bring some mindless heavy-ass groove and nothing more.

This album took a while to grow on us; at first we thought it lacked depth and sounded very similar to other bands within this genre. Especially since their first EP did nothing for us. This newer offering was like an annoying stray cat that wouldn’t go away. Once you feed it, it will keep coming back, as the album somehow kept finding its way into our rotation from time to time. Perhaps because it is so short that it doesn’t overstay its welcome. So, we gave up and let the EP become a mainstay around here. Track one "Monsferri Caveman" is very rhythmic and catchy, the background clapping and drums are just too infectious to ignore. Track two "Mammuth" follows in the same path as track one. The one thing we liked was the falsetto vocals thrown in every once in a while, creating a little diversity for us. This song will not grab you right away like the previous song, but stick with it. The last cut "Masculine Powertrip" is another infectious song in vein of the first two; the guitars are well played here and the last minute is packed with a nice heavy groove.

We have no idea what lies ahead for this band. Can they continue to grow, we hope so. Do yourself a favor and check them out, they will not wow you, but they just may hit that stoner rock nerve. - 9/18/2014

Standout Tracks:
Monsferri Caveman, Mammuth
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