Pet The Preacher
(The Cave and the Sunlight)
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Sounds Like:
Stick, My Sister's Machine, Corrosion of Conformity
The sophomore album from the Danish trio Pet The Preacher (PTP)is a trip back to the heart of the grunge era. A time in the late 80's or early 90's where great bands such as Stick and Mindfunk were really doing some amazing stuff with grinding innovative fretwork. PTP takes this blissful period and continues the grinding riffages, yet with better technology, sound and production. The Cave and the Sunlight consists of 11 tracks running 51 minutes inclusive of a cool closing bonus track entitled "The Web". Vocalist Christian Hede Madsen does a nice job not  overdoing the anthem-based themes. We have seen many a band in the grunge-era fall quickly out of favor due to the overbearing and over-machismo belting. Christian keeps it classy and balanced. While emulating some of these machismo vocal inflections, he has his own style and poise. What Christian does, on an even more positive note is impress the shit out of us with his guitar work and the pummeling and grinding riffs reinvented from the era. Bassist Torben Pederson also does an excellent job supporting these riffs with crafty interchanges and rich sound.

The opening track "The Cave" is short and somewhat different from what is to come on the album. The track is a soothing and trippy lead into flat a very different and heavier feel. Track 3 "Kamikaze Night," really kicks things into second gear with that grinding rhythms we so love. Drummer Christian Von Larsen is stellar on this track contributing the percussion crushing framework. "Marching Earth Part One" and "Part Two" catapult the album upwards providing better lyrics and a great dark theme. These two cuts are a real bright spot on the album. Another favorite of ours is the over seven minute  "What Now," blending doom metal and a thick atmosphere with some poetic dark moments and great stretches of instrumental fretwork. Lastly the 9 minute unique track, "The Web,"  offers some entertaining ambiance and attention grabbing bass lines. Peterson is phenomenal on this cut. This song will surely impress fans of bass as it  creeps into your conscience culminating into an amazing twist of an ending.

PTP is a refreshing change from much of the European heavy psych blues-like spawning factories that we currently see. They clearly have a fondness for grunge and deep rhythms. The great Napalm Records has what we think is something special on their hands with PTP and we will continue to keep them in our heavy rotation. Hopefully they will stick with their grunge formula and not morph into the current European trends. - 9/24/2014

The Cave
Let Your Dragons Fly
Kamikaze Night
Fire Baby
Marching Earth Part One
Marching Earth Part Two
The Pig & The Haunted
What Now
I’m Not Gonna
The Web

Standout Tracks: Kamikaze Night, The Web
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