Death Breath
(Let It Stink)
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Horror-core, Death Metal
Sounds Like:
Repugnant, Motorhead, Nihilist
Take a perusal at the song titles below to give you a little flavor for whats in store if you are looking to add some Death Breath to your collection. Let it Stink (perhaps a play-off of the classic Beatles album Let it Be) is pure unadulterated filth. The album blends horror-core, death metal and punk into a mixed bag twenty-four minute EP. Weak production actually adds some flavor to the album adding to the dark underground mystique. Death Breath hails from Stockholm, Sweden and features Nicke Andersson formerly of the death metal band Entombed and Robert Pehrson of Thunder Express. Let It Stink is the third release from the band. The album emanates an 80's death metal vibe with its rustic and simple approach.

Track Listing:

"Giving Head to the Dead" – 3:07
"His Protoplasmic Worship" – 4:36
"Maimed and Slaughtered" – 1:49
"Dead But Walking" – 4:03
"Lycanthropy" (G.B.H.) – 2:29
"Sacrifice " (Bathory) – 3:51
"Twisted In Distaste" – 5:36

TOTAL 24:31

The first track is a tough one to shake. A little slapstick horror-core coming right atcha. Disturbing no doubt, the song is more akin to the punk genre almost with a dash of Misfits thrown in. The vocals on the first few tracks do remind us a bit of Lemmy from Motorhead. Lyrically the album is quite the hoot and somewhat entertaining. "His Protoplasmic Worship" contains some honed in guitar work that is actually pretty tight. Brutality and angst are the two words that come to mind with this track. The bass undercurrent also rounds out the song nicely. "Maimed and Slaughtered" (a cover from the band Discharge) is a vintage old school death metal accompanied by the punk-like song length. "Lycanthropy" and "Sacrifice" flounder quite a bit and do weight down the flow of the EP. Track 7 "Twisted in Distaste" is one of the better tracks off the album. Very disturbing and dark to the core. The song has several tempos and features some great guitar riffs.

While we were able to shake the pungent theme of the first track and get into the vibe of Death Breath's efforts, overall the album lacks consistency and for a relatively short EP does become tiring. The album may find its way in rotation at your Halloween party or in a late night stupor, but ultimately is not a long term keeper as it may fester and tarnish your collection. - 10/20/2014

Standout Tracks: Twisted in Distaste
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