I Hear Sirens
(Between Consciousness and Sleep)
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Post rock
Sounds Like:
Jakob, Tortoise, Explosions in the Sky
The Post-rock genre is often beautiful and heartfelt feeding off emotion and dynamic contrasts. Salt Lake City's, I Hear Sirens, deliver a captivating piece of work in their third album Between Consciousness and Sleep. The five song EP is intelligent and well-balanced straying a bit from the post rock norm, by integrating average song lengths (about 5 1/2  minutes) and yes... vocals (though subtle they may be). The band does a very nice job with chord changes and not overdoing the build-ups as is often characteristic amongst Post-rock bands. Rather, they hone in on the soft and steady. Morphing melancholy melodies into vibrant and inspirational works. We want to emphasize balance as the band keeps percussion, bass-lines and lead guitar quite symmetrical.  The songs tie-in closely and never tire.

The first self-titled track has a very warm slow build allowing for some significant contrast particularly when the vocals kick in. At about the 3 minute mark the build-up drops quickly and we found ourselves engrossed by the echoing vocals with splinters of guitar splashing throughout. This soon transfers into some very sad and compelling guitar-work. Sensational melodies.

Next up, "Lights and Clockwork," a very suiting song title as you can feel the sun rays in the bright piano work that harmonize so well with the guitar. This track has one of the most impressive build-ups we have heard in a long time. Great riffs forming a vibrant crescendo.

"Illuminating Frequencies" continues the bright vibe. Very cool bass lines lead the way as three more instruments are added to welcome a delightful headphone experience.  I Hear Sirens do an exceptional job in naming their songs. We find that instrumental (although this is not technically a full instrumental album) song-titles tend to get pulled from the button. Instead these guys really put some thought into their titles almost personifying the listener's experience.

Welcome the militant "Pyrrhic Victory," a brooding and aggressive cut that we found very entertaining. Its dramatic rhythm will nest within your conscious. The last track "I Am The Fading Sun" contains a short synthesizer interlude surrounded by some of the more melancholy moments of the EP.  Ultimately the song is a great closer allowing us to unwind and really appreciate what I Hear Sirens have done.

I Hear Sirens have impressed the shit out of us with the effort they have put into this EP.  While many of the EPs we come across feel slapped together lacking cohesion, clearly not the case here. Put this one in your rotation. It is the perfect album to slip on between consciousness and sleep. - 10/25/2-14

Standout Tracks: Lights And Clockwork, Between Consciousness And Sleep

Track 1- Between Consciousness And Sleep (6:43)
Track 2- Lights And Clockwork (5:31)
Track 3- Illuminating Frequencies (5:14)
Track 4- Purrhic Victory (4:04)
Track 5- I Am The Fading Sun (5:55)
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