Raised Fist
(Veil of Ignorance)
Crank this to 8 of 11
Hardcore, Punk
Sounds Like:
Rage Against The Machine, At The Drive In
We were sketchy delving into this one. Our writers are not usually big fans of "make a point" or political type bands and the name alone was cause for alarm. Little did we know these guys have been around since 1993 hailing from Sweden. Boy was this a pleasant surprise. This album kicks ass and will reduce your lawn mowing time by at least 8 minutes off of shear heavy foot and cutting corners tightly.

Lead singer Hagman's grating, raspy powerful voice is distinguishable and can be easily picked out in a line up of hundreds of vocalist. For an album filled with anger and hate, this has texture and depth. The body of the songs are tight and the band does not hang on to anthemic hooks to keep your interest, rather, the melodies, song titles and lyrics are thought provoking and entertaining.  If you are yearning for an in your face, hi decibel, slap up side the head type album grab ahold of this distorted world.  It's a good one, leaving us very intrigued to check out the other works by Raised Fist.

Standout Tracks: Friends and Traitors, Wounds
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