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Neo-classical folk, Ambient
Sounds Like:
sToa, Opus Nigram, Rising Shadows
Carline Van Roos is an amazing under the radar talent having worked on a variety of projects from the funeral doom band of Remembrance to the atmospheric metal band in Lethian Dreams. While her angelic and beautiful voice may be her strongest attribute, she also plays guitar, keyboards, and percussion. In 2006, she had a vision to form Aythis, a neo-folk ambient doom based project from France, having released their first full-length album Doppelgänger in 2007. Their first work honed in on more of a doom setting with heavy keyboard arrangements. In 2009, the band released their second full-length in Glacia a more orchestral work introducing more complex arrangements. Fast forward to 2011 and the band's third album The New Earth which is the prototype for what hard work and a developed vision can achieve.

The New Earth is an exceptional seven track journey painting breathtaking landscapes of isolation and solace. Carline Van Roos' voice is not overdone providing a rich and complimentary mood to what is a brilliant composition of dark landscapes and apocalyptic themes.

1-The New Earth [Intro] (4:44)
2-Ether (6:33)
3-Silvery Night (5:54)
4-Wolfsmond (7:09)
5-Solemn (6:53)
6-Last Ritual (6:16)
7-Wounded Asylum (6:12)

The opening track will immediately whisk you away and your thoughts will wander. Breezy and warm, the weeping keyboards and soft tambourine's set the stage. Blood pressure will drop and your eardrums will be poised. Enter the second track "Ether" an epic cut painting pictures of barren wasteland and vast landscapes. Well placed spoken word with a thick and beautiful French accents paints a sensual vulnerability. The percussion is invigorating while the vocals are soft and subtle. On "Silvery Night" we hear more apparent melodies and acoustic guitarwork is the highlight of this track. The last minute of the song is just amazing as the backdrop quiets and acoustic arrangements get exposed. Very moving piece. "Wolfsmond" may be the most anthemic tracks on the album with its marching percussion and poetic strings.  The songs develop and really build off each other formulating quite the story. We made some attempts to look for the French translations or hone in to get more clarity on the English lyrics, but to be frank it makes no difference. The vocals are another instrument and what we love is that it is up to the listener to paint their own pictures. “Solemn” invites further neofolk arrangements with more acoustic guitar and strings. The final track “Wounded Asylum” essentially comes full circle where the orchestral arrangements and subtle vocals provide closure.

The New Earth holds its weight with its diverse arrangements and beautiful production. We are extremely impressed with the advancement that the band has made since their first album. Its been quite a hiatus since 2011 and we will surely be looking forward to their next release when and if it comes about. We have also been intrigued to further preview other works by Carline Van Roos. Your music library needs some Aythis. Your health and attempts to reduce blood pressure also need Aythis. - 1/9/2014

Standout Tracks:
Wolfsmond, Ether
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