My Expansive Awareness
(My Expansive Awareness)
Crank this to 8.7 of 11
Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
Sleepy Sun, The Brian Jonestown Massacre
In 2014 we were introduced to My Expansive Awareness who hails from Zaragoza, Spain. We were very impressed with their debut EP, Uroboros as it has become a mainstay album for us. The EP is full of vibrant and spacious psychedelic rock, it had us eager to see what they could deliver on their next release. Now in 2015 they bring us their first full-length simply titled, My Expansive Awareness. It’s a great title for the album, not only does it portray the music perfectly; it also sums up the band as well. They do continue to impress us even further on this album, they have definitely expanded on their psychedelic rock sound. It will put you in a positive state of mind as the music and vocals will brighten up your day for at least 43:41 minutes.

Track Listing:
1. We Are Stardust 04:25
2. Wake Me Up 05:07
3. Always 05:38
4. I Had A Dream 04:29
5. Keep On Dancing 03:14
6. Mr. Bamboo 05:30
7. Release Yourself 05:09
8. Hey You! 02:37
9. Can´t Wait 05:16
10. Circles 03:36

The album kicks off with the fluent and spacious song “We Are Stardust”.  It’s an inspiring trip with infectious acoustics and the vocals of Jose and Licia are tremendous, they feed off each other really well. It’s one of the aspects of the band that drew us in. The next track “Wake Me Up” is sleek and has a 60s aura about it, the synths really help shape this feel. The vocals of Jose are slightly echoed and do not stand out in-front of the music, in fact they are blended in perfectly. “Always” is another trip; the vocals drive this song as it keeps a moderate pace, towards the end it just keeps on building, the spoken word section and background vocals help elevate this song. Next up is the inspiring “I Had A Dream,” which is one of the standout tracks on the album, the interaction between Jose and Licia is genuine and brings forth a positive feel. They pick things up a bit on the next track “Keep On Dancing”. At first we weren’t sure about this one, it didn’t grab us right away, but after a few listens it sits well within the album. That’s the beauty of this record, after several listens, it grows on you in different ways.

The acidic instrumental of “Mr. Bamboo” will nest inside your conscious and put you in a trance for the full 5:30 minutes, this track definitely has a space rock feel about it. Moving onto “Release Yourself,” this one is another standout song that showcases a soft, stimulating psychedelic vibe. It’s a perfect song to just sit back, crack open a cold one and just chill. They follow up with the lively “Hey You!”.  It’s an upbeat song that adds a little juice to the album.

Just two songs left and so far we love the vibe on this album. Track nine “Can’t Wait” is soothing and graceful and as the song progresses it continues to build in strength. The last track “Circles” is terrific , it embodies everything that My Expansive Awareness is about. The song showcases the strong dual vocals, its trippy and heavy; it’s a psychedelic wonderment, a great way to end a great album.

Band Members:

José Briceño (guitar and vocals)
Manuel Cabeza (bass)
Juan Gracia (drums)
Diego Pit (keys and synths)
Lucía Escudero (vocals and percussions)

If you’re in the market for some new psychedelic rock, we urge you to give this band a listen. Their sound is inspiring while having a trippy and heavy side. The vocals are one of the bright spots and set them apart from others within this genre. If you find this album to be for you than check out their previous EP, you’ll be into this one as well. - 2/22/2015

Standout Tracks: Release Yourself, Circles, Wake Me Up
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