Wired Mind
(mindstate dreamscape)
Crank this to 8.8 of 11
Stoner rock, Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
Colour Haze, Samsara Blues Experiment, Causa Sui
Long beautiful jams, psychedelic soundscapes and blissful heavy rhythms describe the aura that is Wired Mind. The band from Hannover, Germany hits on all cylinders for their debut album mindstate:dreamscape.  It’s hard to believe this is their first album, they have such great chemistry and feed off each others style effortlessly, creating a formula that will appeal to fans of stoner and psychedelic rock. The production is very clean, each instrument is played at a high level and they already seem to have a direction for where they want to go.

Band Members:
Maik – Vocals, Guitars
Christo - Drums
Patrick - Bass

1. Road – 11:01
2. Jennifer’s Dream of a Switchblade – 6:52
3. Wired Dream – 10:51
4. Woman – 4:47

From the opening song, simply titled “Road,” we know we’re in for something special. It starts off slow and elegant, building ever so gently into an all-out bluesy, stoner-psyche fest. The vocals are straight forward and very fitting for this style music, they are neither overpowering nor hidden, in fact they give off a natural, mellow vibe. As the song progresses it starts to develop into a trippy, hallucinogenic 60s love fest, resembling Hawkwind or Colour Haze. The background vocal during the spoken word section adds an element of psychedelic richness. It’s a long track that will arouse the senses and equip the mind for the next three cuts.

Track two, “Jennifer’s Dream of a Switchblade,” an intriguing song title, continues the heavy psych feeling. This one is a bit more upbeat and has such a good lively vibe; the echoed guitar jam in the middle of the song will flow smoothly through your speakers. The soft vocals sound very effortless adding a sense of calmness, putting the listener at ease for a moment.

The aptly titled “Wired Dream” will take your conscious to another level, just sit back and let this one take over. Not only is it an impressive sounding song when cranked up, but the headphone experience is incredible. The song travels through many peaks and valleys between soft psychedelics to stoner rock heaviness in vein of classic Colour Haze. The drumming is very impressive on this track, and it’s the backbone of the song, especially during the mellow moments. And we must not forget the bass, it is rich and deep, helping create the heavy-psych sound.

The last song “Woman,” is the shortest and is very entertaining. The vocals and drums complement each other very well here. The potency used when singing the lyrics “light a candle in the night!” will hold your attention. Each instrument really has a chance to shine here and the last half of the song develops into a sweet all-out heavy blues jam fest, fucking great ending.

We urge you to seek this band out, they are the real deal. mindstate:dreamscape is a terrific album and as we mentioned earlier, they sound as if they are seasoned veterans of stoner rock. We can only imagine what lies ahead for them and we’re happy to go along for the ride. - 3/6/2014

Standout Tracks: Road, Wired Dream
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