Wall of Sleep
(No Quarter Given)
Turn this to 3.3 of 11
Heavy metal
Sounds Like:
Trouble, Pale Divine, Rainbow
Hailing from Hungary, Wall of Sleep brings us an album that has a 70s and 80s metal vibe. Their third album No Quarter Given has been labeled as traditional doom with a rooted metal sound. We do agree they have metal influences, but we hardly hear any doom anywhere on here. Their name may conjure up visions of Black Sabbath or Sleep, but once you throw this one in, you’ll hear a heavy Trouble influence. The album cover is also very enticing as the art resembles Kylesa or Barroness, but in no way reflects these bands either.

Band Members:
Csaba Cselényi – vocals
Sándor Füleki – guitars
Balázs Kemencei – guitars
Barnabás Preidl – bass
Szabolcs 'Szása' Szolcsányi - drums

1.No Quarter Given
2.Hey Annie
3.Twelfth-Night Fight
4.Reborn In The Daylight
5.The Last Decade
6.Burst Into Flames
7.Behind This Wall
8.Moon Street Lady
9.Dusk Of Madness”

The album kicks off with a thick Orange Goblin rhythm and the vocals aren’t bad, they portray a classic metal aura. Halfway through you’ll hear the twin lead guitars that heavily resemble Trouble and they use this guitar style throughout. This could be the best cut off the album. They started to lose us on track two with “Hey Annie,” the chorus just lacks depth and feels rather bland. Track three, “Twelfth-Night Fight” has a cock rock vibe to it. With lyrics like “aint no easy way out… no one rides for free… I’ll give you all my love” it will urge you to hit the skip button.

The beginning of “Reborn in the Daylight” sounds eerily similar to Trouble’s, “Misery Shows”. The song will develop into a marching battle-themed metal song. They introduce some keys in the background here and the last couple of minutes is very catchy as they hold onto a nice rhythm. “The Last Decade” is has an anthem feel and is supposed to be a majestic track with lyrics of Middle Earth.  Track six, “Burst into Flames” mimics Trouble’s Black Shades of Doom in the guitars and the outburst of “burst into flames” is a turnoff time to move on. The last three tracks don’t offer much more, in fact the album just goes more downhill with “Moon Street Lady,” this one is like a cock rock version of Trouble.

Wall of Sleep don’t seem to bring anything different to the table. And after listening to this one we find ourselves yearning for Trouble to cleanse the palate. - 3/8/2015

Standout Tracks: No Quarter Given
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