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Post rock
Sounds Like:
Explosions in the Sky, If These Trees Could Talk, Caspian
As instrumental Post-rock continues to expand, we come across some very talented musicianship. Coldbones is a trio hailing from Brighton, UK and we had the pleasure to discover their debut EP entitled Distance. What ISIS perfected inclusive of vocals has morphed into a wide variety of off-shoots and instrumental acts. Some heavy and intense while other play to the more majestic and melodic side. Either way you slice it, the genre is known for its technical prowess and other-worldy fretwork.

Coldbones does sound like many of these off-shoots, but they do an exceptional job of providing space and variety to their instrumentals. The production on Distance is excellent as the bass-work is not drowned out by the lead guitar and the percussion is bright and distinct. Coldbones shines at contrast in their highs and lows.

Track Listing:
1. The Hands Between Us (6:52)
2. Maeve (4:38)
3. SPACE (4:11)
4. Summit (5:33)
5. Far From Living (5:33)

The opening track "The Hands Between Us" is your classic Post-rock tune. Sounding like you pulled it right out of an Explosions in the Sky album. This track is nothing too flashy, yet they lure you in with a minimalist approach for the first 3:56 minutes, than it breaks out in classic Post-rock form. For fans new to the genre, this will give you a good sense of what this style of music is all about.

The second track "Maeve" really impresses us with the bass intro and contrasts. Terrific rhythm section on this one with heavily infused ambient themes.  The bass is creeping and provides a subtle Tool element. We enjoy them branching out on this one and not relying too heavily on that lead guitar we spoke of.

‘'SPACE" is our favorite track on the album, it has the most original and intense track on the album. The percussion on this track just floored us. The quality of the production shines if you have a good set of speakers. Crank this one as you will hear some great contrasts particularly as you match-up the drum solo with the high piercing fretwork... sensational sound and a real bright addition to your library. The crescendo hits quite unexpectedly and will get your heart going.

The fourth track "Summit" starts off equally as impressive, again accentuating the bass and percussion. The guitar is more jazz-like and improvisational on this track. A very soothing and simple song and a nice backdrop for a leisurely day. This track does sound like it belongs on the Friday Night Lights soundtrack.

The closing track "Far from Living" is clearly the heaviest track on the album. A very intense beginning mellows out as the along has a huge range in highs and lows. Very heartwarming as you hit the lows.  There is some level of predictability to the formula on this one as the lead-off track and the closer to frame your typical post-rock album.

As a whole we recommend Distance, form its terrific production and ability to venture a bit outside the Post-rock instrumental norm. Tracks 2, 3 and 4 offer up some different post-rock elements which we really enjoy. Another element we like about this album is the songs are not extremely lengthy, which can be the case with most bands within this genre. The songs develop at a moderate pace, making them real easy to get lost in. Fans of great drum work will also be impressed with this one. It's a great go to album to bring with you when speaker shopping and want to hear how they can handle diverse percussion work. - 4/4/2015

Standout Tracks: SPACE, Far From Living, Summit
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