(Brazilian Blowout)
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Math Rock, Experimental, Noise rock
Sounds Like:
If you've been in the hunt for something different and away from the norm, we have the perfect band for you. Kouma from France are an instrumental trio that cranks out some serious Math and experimental noise rock. These three musicians play with an unusual combination of baritone saxophone, baritone guitar and drums. Their latest release Brazilian Blowout released though Atypeek Music label is a quite a stimulating listen. Kouma's sound is very original and energetic, it offers complex change ups, intense beats, heavy riffs and low rhythmic structures, making you feel ecstatic and uneasy on a flip of a dime. This one is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Band Members:
Romain Dugelay - baritone sax, keyboards
Damien Cluzel -  bariton guitar
Leo Dumont -  drums

Track Listing:
1. E.V.T.E.V
2. Neveda Breakdown
3. Fundoshi
4. Pound Zero
5. Brazillian Blowout
6. Casse Brique
7. Frichti

From the onset you'll know whether this is for you or not. The first track has a Primus on LSD feel, the rhythms are very distinct and tight. The guitar-driven "Nevada Breakdown" has a math rock style to it, the low-toned saxophone is treated like a bass, and it’s very unusual and diverse. The next track, "Foundoshi" sounds like a spastic version of the band Morphine, it has an improvisation feeling and can go anywhere.

As we move on we were impressed how tight this band is, they don't miss a beat considering all the constant changes in rhythm. The next cut "Pound Zero" has some serious drumming and actually has somewhat of a hardcore feel. Just add some Horse The Band-styled vocals to this song, it would be the perfect compliment. The title track borders on some free flowing jazz elements, it’s nice to hear the saxophone take lead, maybe this could be labeled as math jazz. The last two, "Casse Brique" and "Frichti" keep us on our toes with more math-styled experimental rock. "Frichti" could be one of our favorite cuts, it has an intense and steadiness quality about it, a great song to close out a wild album.

It's refreshing to hear a band like Kouma pushing the envelope and being outside the box, creating a little uneasiness in the rock world. There is no getting comfortable with this album, it will always keep you on edge no matter how many rotations you give it. - 5/18/2015

Standout Tracks: Frichti, Pound Zero
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