From The Petrified Forest
(Neon On The Inside)
Crank this to 8.3 of 11
Post metal, Progressive
Sounds Like:
If These Trees Could Talk, Animals As Leaders, Scale the Summit
As Post-metal continues to thrive, there are always bands that seem to come out of the wood work and impress us. Welcome From The Petrified Forest, a four-piece instrumental progressive rock band from Portland, Oregon. Their music is an inspirational combination of Post-metal and progressive rock. The band has released four previous albums before 2015’s Neon On The Inside. Their fifth release is an EP containing three wildly entreating tracks for fans of Post-metal to sink their teeth into.

Track Listing:
1. Neon On The Inside 8:24
2. Anything In Your Heart 5:47
3. Drownin' In The Swamp 5:49

They begin the album with some intriguing lofty vocals on “Neon On The Inside”. It’s a tease since they are brief and is the only vocals to be found on the EP. This track is layered with progressive styled guitars and percussion giving the song a monumental feeling. Think of Animals As Leaders meets Scale the Summit, it’s a whirlwind of progressive metal here. We actually hear a tad bit of Mastodon nestled into the music on this one as well. Track two, “Anything In Your Heart” continues along the same path, the dual foot pedal drumming really seems to stand out on this track, very powerful. Last but not least is “Drownin’ In The Swamp”. This one has some great mid-tempo change ups and exploration; not knowing where they are taking us makes this track all the more appealing.

Overall we really enjoy this EP, it has a clean production and a tight sound. We urge you to give these guys a listen if you have that itch to seek out new Post-metal; they are a very talented bunch. Also check out their previous albums as well, they can be found on their Bandcamp site as a ‘Name Your Price’ download. - 5/20/2015

Standout Tracks: Neon on the Inside
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