Lazlo Lee and the Motherless Children
(Dirty Horns)
Crank this to 8.9 of 11
Garage rock, Blues
Sounds Like:
Wolfmother, The White Stripes, Badlands
We have been searching high and low for a solid obscure blues band for quite some time. Lazlo Lee and the Motherless Children (LLMC) have quenched our thirst. The band packs quite a punch in just 25 minutes and eight tracks. While we like a little meat on the bones of an LP this one still gets high marks from us. Could they have scored an Editor's pick with another ten minutes of energy? Perhaps.

Hailing from Baltimore City the trio pulls from a variety of influence to create an attention grabbing 25 minutes of powerful emotional blues full of angst and great melodies and hooks. Lazlo's vocals are superb ebbing and flowing in and out of the muffled distortion. Probably the first familiar influence you will hear is Andrew Stockdale, who is not a bad one to be mentioned in the same company. Cocaine Jim is near perfection on the drums and Dr. Wang drops some heavy bass rhythms throughout.

Band Members:
Lazlo - Guitar/Vox
Cocaine Jim - Drums
Dr. Wang - Bass

Track Listing:
1. We Are the Motherless
2. Way You Move
3. Messin'
4. In My Room
5. This Kind of Love
6. Bloody Teeth & Loving Eyes
7. Baby Without
8. Ain't Acting Right

While the whole album is solid. Lets break down for you our top three tracks:

#3: In My Room
Bouncy infectious guitar rhythms and the ability to contrast highs and lows really make this track stand out. In addition, the simplicity in the cry out for help... "don't leave me now... I'm in my room alone" really ring home to the listener. Its a short diddy but one that stays with us and seems never to tire.

#2: Bloody Teeth & Loving Eyes
By far the best track from a lyrical standpoint. Spanning just over two minutes this concise piece really sets an odd mood in such a short span. After reflecting about that yearning sexual desire for a past love the last 30 seconds entail perhaps the most powerful moment on the album. Lazlo's vocals drop to a whisper and its damn effective... "my baby is slowly pulling out a knife... she's not a creature of the night... she's just enough to scare my life."

#1: Ain't Acting Right
The longest track on the album eclipsing the four minute mark is near perfection. It commences with a mellow bass-line and a touch of some high tone acoustic guitar work quickly fading into an intense heavy jam. Jack White energy ensues as Lazlo takes such a simple line... "my baby just ain't acting right" and turns it into such heartfelt anguish. You feel the jealousy flowing through his veins. Absolutely love the alternative pronunciation of "heart" into "howyt", you have to give this one a listen to appreciate.  

Dirty Horns is start to finish a damn fine album. Yes its on the short-side, but we can appreciate the band's ability pack a shitload of emotion and make a statement in just twenty five minutes. LLMC are the real deal and we hope that they become more prolific in the near future with additional releases. While the backbone to their sound is not all that unfamiliar, the are very very good at their craft. Grab this one for your music collection, it packs one hell of a punch. - 6/4/2015

Standout Tracks: Ain't Acting Right, Bloody Teeth & Loving Eyes, In My Room
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