Les Big Byrd
(Liquid Sky)
Crank this to 8.4 of 11
Space rock, Progressive rock
Sounds Like:
Farflung, Hookworms
Les Big Byrd from Stockholm, Sweden has become a favorite around here since the release of 2014’s They Worshipped Cats. On that album we defined the band as being tight and avoiding the common characteristic within space rock of wandering drifting tunes. On their latest EP released on Höga Nord Rekords, the band continues their signature style of tight, rhythmic psychedelic and progressive space rock.

Track Listing:
1. The Summer Ends Tonight – 5:59
2. Liquid Sky – 2:54
3. Roundhouse Blues – 7:44
4. Dust Heads – 4:54

The beginning will have you fired-up and ready for take-off. The first 37 seconds has a rhythm similar to one of our favorite 80’s classics, "Major Tom". This track is very fluent in nature and the laid back echoed vocals really help take the song to another level. The percussion is spot-on as it intertwines with spacious synths and swirling guitars, making this a great opening song that will put you in a spaced-out state of mind. This leads to the instrumental title track "Liquid Sky” and this one keeps up the pace. The bass work is terrific here, it's steady and never lets up.

The second to last song “Roundhouse Blues” is a space rock delight. Very steady and addicting, as all the instruments are in full synch here. The band really displays their talents on this song, it’s flawless. The minimal vocals are muffled and suit this type of music very well, this could be the standout track, it’s easy to get lost in. The last track, “Dust Heads” has a darker feel, the drums and synths are very hypnotic. Crank this one up a few notches, it sounds very impressive and will shake your speakers a bit.

We have become huge fans of Les Big Byrd over the past year, their previous album was #9 in our top 11 albums of 2014. Liquid Sky is a great EP and fans of space rock should not overlook them. This EP has our juices flowing for a follow-up full length, in the meantime let’s enjoy the ride Les Big Byrd has taken us on. - 6/13/2015

Standout Tracks: Roundhouse Blues, The Summer Ends Tonight
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